The Rise Of Wellness Showers

At-Home Spa Experience

With an increase in demand for an enhanced quality of life, using water as a part of our self-care has never been more important. Therefore, create a sense of everyday indulgence by incorporating these products into your shower ritual. 

1. Elevate your shower experience by choosing a shower head

  • A soft rainfall stream will create the most relaxing experience that engages all senses.
  • A variety of jet streams that range from being energising, stimulating or refreshing, work together creating a tunnel of different pressures and patterns.  Generally the higher the water pressure the better the shower experience. Jets can provide localised therapy that stimulates the metabolism, nervous system, and blood flow with streams of water at contrasting pressures and temperatures. 
  • A vertical waterfall shower combines a number of specialised water outlets and different flow modes. This enables the user to experience the ultimate in wellness and therefore well-being whilst they shower. A clear, wide cascade of water falls onto your shoulders to give the illusion of being under a waterfall. 


2. Ensure a multi sensory experience by adding light, sound and fragrance

Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, is a practice within alternative medicine that suggests that colour exerts a physical, psychic, and emotional influence on us.

  • Red: Helps dispel negative thoughts and release anger
  • Orange: Increases optimism.
  • Green: Rests and fortifies the sight
  • Pink: Controls depression, associated with love and kindness
  • Purple: Used for improvement of mood, reduces anxiety and fear.
  • Blue: Promotes peace and tranquility. Opens the mind.
  • Yellow:  Stimulates the intellect and is anti-fatigue.
  • Turquoise: Helps maintain calm, relaxation and good mood.

Some heads offer a built-in lighting and chromotherapy, sound and aromatherapy systems to enhance the experience.

  • Alternatively you may prefer to to install a separate waterproof lighting and sound system that will perform just as well and provide an immersive experience, such as Zuma Lumisonic. Zuma brings together sound and light in one device that you can control with your voice. Experience light and sound that is rich in detail and truly immersive.

3. Complimenting the experience by creating a desirable space

“With so many different metal finishes for brassware available in the market to find a shower seat that matches your brassware is a mission (almost-impossible). So to avoid disappointment or clashes within your scheme, an all-white powder coated seat will always work. HEWI is the leading manufacturer of high quality seats that will not discolour or become yellow with hard water. For a much sleeker look, built a floating bench out of building material and clad it with your tiles, you will achieve great result without ruining your colour scheme.”

  • Expert comment by Alberto Lutzu, Designer at West One Bathrooms Clerkenwell.

  1. 4. Adding steam – turning your shower into an at-home Hammam

The H Hammam steambath, with integrated shower, has been created with quality and sustainability in mind. The materials are all recyclable, light and safe. As a result, the overall effect is a personalized experience which therefore enhances your mental and physical well being.

By combining chromotherapy, steam  and water therapy showers with internal colour-changing lights promise to enhance the wellbeing benefits of every showering experience. Select warm colours and fast flow to pep up morning showers or blue light and gentle rain to settle down for bed time.

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