Bathroom Lighting Inspiration

Lighting Inspiration

Lighting plays a major role in the bathroom especially if it lacks natural light. From pendant to wall-lights, to recessed and chandeliers, the options are endless depending on your style and preference. In this blog post we summed up different styles of lighting to elevate your bathroom to the next level.

All of our lights are IP rated and safe to use in bathrooms. To find out more about IP rating click here.

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Pendant Lighting

Pendants like the name suggests, are truly like little jewelry pieces for the bathroom. The options seem limitless with a diverse selection of styles and materials, including wood, brass, crystal and many more. Furthermore, an extensive range of design styles, from contemporary and farmhouse to traditional, offers even more possibilities.

West One Bathrooms Brentwood 8
WOB Hatching Green 16

Pendant lighting is great for highlight the vanity area above the sink or mirror or fill up a dark corner that is not being used or utilised. Have a look at our case studies for lighting  inspiration.


Wall – lights are great as they help to frame and highlight the space. Consider installing them around a bathroom mirror, a doorframe or a walkway or above a piece of artwork. It helps to add a luxurious touch and create an atmospheric feel to complete the look of the space.

shaw ensuite 2 2000×3000
Mayfair 8
Hooper 3

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting provides a dedicated glow that can be integrated into a shelf, behind the bath or under the vanity as a feature tool. The light can surround and highlight various features such as step lighting. Additionally, it can be connected to a PIR sensor for use as a automatic night light.

WestOneBathrooms dbw sutherland av 52 2
Westonebathrooms 3rd Bathroom
westonebathrooms modern pink bathroom black fixtures copy

Mullan Lighting designs and manufactures handmade lights. Their designs are a mix of clean lines, along with vintage character and a dash of worldly flair make Mullan Lighting’s style both fun and ultimately timeless.

WestOneBathrooms MULLAN LIGHTING P158 3 MLP071
WestOneBathrooms MULLAN LIGHTING – P015 01 – MLP330
WestOneBathrooms MULLAN LIGHTING P105 1 MLBWL007

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