Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

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Whether you prefer outdoor activities or own a swimming pool, having an outdoor bathroom is a luxurious necessity. Moreover, it serves a practical purpose for those living near the beach, as it allows everyone to bathe and dry off without bringing sand or grass clippings inside the house.

Outdoor Bath

Outdoor bathrooms at home, are becoming increasingly popular as a luxurious addition to residential properties .The baths come in different materials and finishes, all suitable for outdoor use. Designed in various styles, ranging from rustic traditional to modern and sleek, often made from materials such as stone, concrete, or metal. The design of an outdoor area should harmonise with the overall aesthetic of your home and blend well with the outdoor environment.

It is important to consider the location of the bath in relation to the house and the sun. Think about where the sun is located throughout the day, and depending on the desired time of use,  if there is any shading you may require.

Outdoor baths can have therapeutic effects on the body and mind. The combination of warm water, fresh air, and natural surroundings can help ease muscle tension and promote circulation.

Agape Outdoor Vieques

Freestanding basin

Free standing basins suitable for outdoor use are usually made of solid marble or Cementoskin®, a coloured concrete in paste. The truncated conical column can support two different shapes of basin, creating a highly sculptural piece. Alternatively, the basin can be set on countertops, as seen on the image in the middle.

Wall-mounted basin

This collection blurs the boundaries, becoming the perfect extension of the bathroom experience. The surface basins are ideal for smaller spaces, lending itself as a stylish area to wash hands after a day of gardening or while hosting an outdoor party!


Wall-Mounted Shower

The column and shower base, with the option to detach the latter, are crafted from Cementoskin® with a natural and velvety surface, offered in various colors. Outdoor showers provide a revitalising means to beat the heat, as they seamlessly blend with nature and offer a delightful outdoor experience.

West One Bathrooms G01 Outdoor Shower gessi

Stand-Alone Outdoor Showers

For those with limited space, outdoor showers are a good option. They are durable and are made to withstand hot and cold weather. If you have an outdoor pool or a hot tub, an outdoor shower is handy to have for rinsing off the salt/ chlorine water. These are usually built away from a home and include their own underground plumbing and are often installed near swimming pools or hot-tubs.

If you have an internal courtyard it would offer a perfect space for an outdoor bathroom, protected from prevailing winds.

The showers are made from quality materials which will not rust or corrode, and require minimal maintenance.

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WestOneBathrooms Agape Outdor Collection Carrara
WestOneBathrooms Agape Outdoor Petra  Merendi,Vencato 01
West One Bathrooms Agape Outdoor DR Cemento Kogan,Ruzante;StudioMK27 04

Sunken bath

We love the luxury look of a sunken tub. Include a pull-out spray to make it easier to rinse the bath clean after use,

says Louise Ashdown, head of design.

This The DR Outdoor bath in Cementoskin®, a coloured concrete paste, comes in a freestanding or built in version. It it suitable for two people. This is the perfect set-up for watching the sunset in company.



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