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Meet the Supplier: Samuel Heath

Samuel Heath are masters in the design and manufacture of luxury brass bathroom fixtures and architectural hardware, afforded by 200 years of expertise. Each of their exquisite bathroom collections pay homage to a period or design movement, by taking inspiration from their underlying principles and interpreting them in a way that is relevant to today.

Could you tell us how the company started?

Back in the 16th century, Birmingham was known as The City of 1000 Trades. Samuel Heath were established here as a family-run brass founder in 1820 and still continue to design & manufacture from this same factory. They were one of hundreds of brass foundries at the time of their inception, however today they are just one of the surviving few.


Samuel Heath were established here as a family-run brass founder in 1820 and still continue to design & manufacture from this same factory.

  1. What is your latest design collection and what was the inspiration behind this?

You need only observe the classic lines of a luxury British sports car, the impeccable attention to detail of a Saville Row suit or the effortlessly sophisticated service of an esteemed Mayfair hotel to understand how iconic brands are created.

One Hundred Collection taps, showers and accessories are designed with understated style and sense of refinement that is synonymous with contemporary British design, named after the address where their brass foundry has been located since the mid nineteenth century: 100 Leopold Street, Birmingham, England.

Luxe and Wing lever options exhibit tasteful purity of form, while up to 11 interchangeable roundel finish combinations including City Bronze, Brushed Gold Matt & Stainless Steel allow for expression of individual style. Highly crafted details including meticulously knurled escutcheon detail and Clear or Gloss Black crystal insert options look beyond functionality to spark curiosity and delight the senses.

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How and where are your products manufactured?

Samuel Heath use a combination of cutting-edge technology, traditional techniques and time-honored craft in order to create each and every product on-site.

The production is a very human endeavor and the quality is uncompromising at each of the 28 stages that a single component can go through. The phases begin starting with the foundation of all of Samuel Heath products: the purest Northern European metals.

The shaping of the brassware takes place using both modern machinery and traditional techniques. Solid blocks of brass are cut, milled and lathed using advanced CNC machines to adhere to laser-precise detail and specifications. Meanwhile, some components are individually stamped into shape using a traditional Hot Stamp which is heated to 600°C and operated by hand.

Every single part of a fixture, down to the minute components, are hand-polished to achieve a flawless finish so that they are ready for plating. A single spout undergoes a myriad of operations: first, linishing belts with coarse textures create shape and definition. Next, an array of spinning mops with coarse, medium and soft textures are used to manually buff and polish the spout to mirror-shine perfection.

Polishing is crucial in providing a flawless surface for electroplating finishes, so that the brassware can bear its distinguishing features of depth, lustre and durability. The application of finishes takes place within an in-house plating shop via automated and small batch operations, which allows for a wide choice of finishes to be produced within short lead times.

  1. In what way is Samuel Heath working on sustainability?

The approach to sustainable design starts at the outset, where products are designed to be timeless. Close attention to each stage of manufacture also means that products are beautifully made, so that they can stand the test of time.

Since every fixture is crafted from quality brass, this has significant environmental and economic advantages. Their pure formulation of copper and zinc allows for infinite recycling without losing its chemical properties. All by-products are also recycled for minimal wastage.

The benefit of manufacturing under one roof also means that environmental responsibility is under total control. From the holding of brass rods in-house, to the investment in efficient machinery, emissions are reduced within the factory wherever possible.

Samuel Heath are also in the transition of removing all single use plastic for their packaging, with the use of eco-friendly packaging already underway. This fully recyclable packaging aims to be the best for the planet, while maintaining its integrity so that it arrives to its destination in pristine condition.


Fun Fact

Samuel Heath brassware adorns the world’s finest homes, some of which belong to A-list celebrities all around the world. Multiple collections even starred in numerous bathroom scenes of two James Bond films: Quantum of Solace (2008) & Skyfall (2012).

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Close attention to each stage of manufacture also means that products are beautifully made, so that they can stand the test of time.

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Samuel Heath can be found on display in any of our showrooms.

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