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First Class Cleanliness With A TOTO Washlet

The WASHLET is TOTO’s signature product. First launched in 1980, this innovation has revolutionised bathrooms across Japan for nearly three decades. The WASHLET has improved hygiene standards with its warm water cleansing system and through recent developments in air purification, automatic functions and more.

What is a Washlet?

A WASHLET™ is a toilet with integrated bidet functionality. It provides gentle cleansing with warm water for a fresh, clean feeling.

What functions does a Washlet offer?

    • Wand jet with up to three different types of sprays
      Individually adjustable water temperature and pressure
    • Heated seat
      For a comfortable temperature
    • Dryer
      Warm air for comfortable drying
    • Filter system
      Prevents unpleasant odours
    • Remote control
      All functions are easy to use
    • Sensor-activated feature
      The lid opens automatically when someone nears the WASHLET™ and closes after use

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