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6 things you can do to make your bathroom eco-friendly:

How to make your bathroom more sustainable?

Bathrooms are water-hungry environments. Consider switching fixtures in your bathroom to do your part in sustaining our home. Small changes can make a big impact and every step you take towards an eco-friendly bathroom will contribute to a better planet. Below you can find a few ideas to consider when creating an ecological space.

Shower Head

“Save water and give back to the planet”

Eco-friendly shower heads are designed to conserve water while still providing a comfortable shower experience. With this shower technology, Hansgrohe mixes water with air, and you feel pleasantly sparkling AirPower all over your skin. As water enriched with air makes the droplets plumper, lighter and softer. This means you use your water more efficiently.

The EcoSmart technology uses up to 60% less water than conventional products, saving energy and water, but without any loss of experience, for long-lasting feel-good showering indulgence.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles can be made from recycled materials, such as clay and sand which are abundant and can be sourced locally. They also have a long lifespan which reduces the need to replace them frequently. Additionally, ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to clean and maintain with reduces the need for harsh chemicals.

As well ceramic and porcelain, natural stone tiles are also a great option as they have a long life cycle and are sourced and produced responsibly. Since natural stone and tiles last a lifetime, it  reduces the need for replacements and minimising waste. Tiles like Ca Pietra nurture and harness the beauty of limestone, sandstone, marble, terracotta and slate.


Low-Flow Flush Plate

Install a low-flush plate to save water and reduce utility bills. Low-flow toilets, have two buttons for flushing one for less water and the second one for more water. This allows for options for using less water, which  can significantly reduce your water usage and help conserve resources. Low-flush plates are easy to install and are affordable.

Long Lasting Materials

Choosing quality, hardwearing products over cheaper options makes sustainable and financial sense. The cost of installation is the same in either case, but cheap fittings tend not to last as long – meaning not only do you need to pay more in the long run, but the environmental cost is higher too.

The materials you choose to put into your bathroom can go a long way to making your bathroom more sustainable. Using natural and recyclable materials such as steel bathtubs can make a big difference.

More than 60 years ago, Bette chose to focus on the natural materials glass and steel. All of their products are 100% recyclable and exclusively “Made in Germany”.  All products are manufactured completely without chemicals or solvents, and thanks to their environmentally friendly production and long life, they demonstrate a first-rate life cycle assessment and a product guarantee of 30 years.

Sensor Activated Mixer

Sensor taps, also known as touch-less or automatic faucets, can be considered sustainable in several ways. They reduce the water waste by only dispensing water when needed which helps to conserve water, especially in public areas. Sensor activated basin mixers are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned and serviced, therefore considered one of the most hygienic and energy-saving options.

The sensor activated 4321 wall mounted basin mixer is a truly innovative product. It features a built-in sensor with on-off sensor for ‘hands free’ operation. As a result, it offers water saving efforts.


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At present, our contracts department are working with leading hotel group, IHG for their IHG Green Engage system, an innovative online environmental sustainability system that gives their hotels the means to measure and manage their impact on the environment. Through the use of sustainability reports, we have worked with them to save the group millions of litres of water a year on old and new refurbished hotels.

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