Meet the supplier: Kast

Kast is a design-led business based on the edge of Sherwood Forest, in the heart of the UK. Kast specialises in the design and manufacture of contemporary concrete basins in multiple colours due to using tints and precision blends.

Could you tell us about how the company started?

Kast’s founder, Tim Bayes, started working with concrete over 25 years ago. Drawn to the purity of this material, Tim quickly realised the potential it had for contemporary product design. With a natural affinity towards engineering and a degree in Fine Art, he began working with this ‘liquid stone’ and was convinced that it could become the ideal material for interior products. From designing furniture to creating contemporary interior surfaces, realising this vision took many years of development, researching and refining both the precise mix of concrete and complex casting processes. Tim grew his team and continued to innovate, pushing the boundaries of how concrete can be used. The team is now made up of skilled designers and makers that bring specialist knowledge and experience to every step of the process. Kast is the product of all these years of experience, condensed into a refined range of luxury concrete basins.

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Could you tell us a bit more about your manufacturing production process?

All of our basins are made to order which allows customers to choose from any of our 28 colours. Each basin has a reusable mould which has been meticulously made and prepared for casting because we know that concrete products are only as good as the mould from which it was produced. We believe that small details make a difference and it’s these small details that set our products apart. Our expertise then comes in our ability to manipulate a specific concrete mix design for each basin. We mix just the right bespoke blend of cement, admixtures, aggregates and pigments to get the perfect aesthetic finish for every basin design. Once de-moulded, the basins undergo a rigorous finishing and sealing process to create the final product.

We mix just the right bespoke blend of cement, admixtures, aggregates and pigments to get the perfect aesthetic finish for every basin design.

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West One Bathrooms Elma Crimson w

What inspires your designs?

We take inspiration from lots of different places; architecture and art and design movements from previous eras such as Art Deco, Bauhaus and Modernism, for example, all inspire our designs. We also generate a lot of ideas and problem-solve through prototyping and experimentation. We believe a tacit knowledge of materials and physical making skills is what underpins and elevates our design process. It’s why our factory is also home to our design studio as it means that any design idea can be tested, refined and made right here. We have full control and flexibility when it comes to designing and making, and it’s what allows us to continue to improve and innovate.


What are your future goals as a company?

Kast will continue to lead the way in concrete product design within the bathroom sector, pushing the boundaries of form, colour and material. We are now taking concrete bathroom design into new territory with the launch of our first tapware collection, Alto, which we’re really excited about! Creating our own tapware collection was a natural and inevitable progression as we look to embrace complimentary bathroom products that meet the demands of personal expression and creativity. We look forward to developing and growing this collection in the future alongside basins and other bathroom products.

Could you share a fun fact about Kast Concrete?

Our best employee is a cocker spaniel called Beau! His official title is Head of Happiness and he promotes the health and welfare of all our staff. He makes sure everyone gets a furry warm welcome and is always on hand to lift spirits.
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