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Gessi is a luxury bathroom brand that was founded in Italy in 1992. The company is known for its innovative designs and high-quality products. Gessi offers a wide range of bathroom fixtures and accessories, including faucets, shower systems and more. They are known for their innovative designs, high-quality products, and commitment to sustainability.

Could you tell us about how company started?

Gessi is a family based company, born in 1992 from the genius of its founders Umberto Gessi and his son Gian Luca, who believed in the mission of offering substantial private wellbeing through products resulting from an important technological innovation and iconic style. In recent years, Gian Luca’s sons Nicolò and Emanuele have joined the family business, which today features over 800 employees worldwide.

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Gessi operates in more than 80 countries with 12 commercial branches spread over Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. In the last ten years, Gessi has begun to “export” its visionary world of design, beauty, lifestyle and well-being to the most private living spaces. It has opened in the main capitals of the world, from Milan to Singapore, from London to Dubai to Riyadh to Tokyo its Case Gessi, often housed in buildings of great historical and architectural value, where one can live a direct experience through the five senses of what The Private Wellness Company represents. 

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With The Private Wellness bathroom becomes a room of style and regeneration in which, going beyond its traditional concept as a functional place lacking of aesthetic importance, one can spend quality time for one’s body and psyche, thanks to the use of new instruments or the reinterpretation of the ones from the past. This is a philosophy according to which the bathroom is transformed into a true private spa. If water, in its various aspects can bring balance and wellbeing, The Private Wellness aims to allow you to exploit the potential of this precious element, dedicating care and attention to the concept of “salus per aquam“, health through water, every day, inside the bathroom.  

Gessi has gained world recognition as the “designer of water”, through its offer of products that supply water in different fashions and mix it with air and light, making this precious element, the object of a totally enjoyable and customizable pleasure. 

Tell us more about Gessi

The beauty of the artefacts in the Gessi collections expresses all the craftsmanship, the culture and the identity of a company for which know-how, tradition, innovation and technology are the essential ingredients to achieve the top quality and creativity that distinguish it. From the most refined home and yacht interiors to the world of contract, there are countless exclusive projects finalised in thirty years of activity in Italy and abroad.   

Gessi’s “Made in Italy” bathroom products and accessories focus upon the objects’ charm and elegance, as well as their ethical content. Gessi has dedicated itself to offering new living concepts with the widest assortment of products imaginable, in a vast range of styles, models, application solutions and unpredictable elements, allowing for unlimited freedom in designing interiors. Gessi projects spring from creative freedom and a passion for objects liberated from prescribed and encoded functions and reinvented for new uses: empathetic, friendly and enjoyable bathroom objects. Objects that improve people’s lives. 

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What inspires your designs?

Born surrounded by the beauty of Italy, Gessi has shaped its project, which would never have been the same if imagined far from Parco Gessi, in the heart of the Valsesia.

It draws inspiration, tradition and culture from the land.  

Gessi has always been integrated into the territory in which it designs and manufactures its creations and its commitment to the territory has resulted in multiple initiatives involving who works and lives near the company. 


Could you tell us a bit more about your manufacturing production process?

Vision, solidity, responsibility and sustainability are strong points of the historical path that has allowed the Gessi brand to reach an ongoing growth worldwide.  

Gessi is an international reality that remains unmistakably Italian, with a unique system of fully-integrated production, not only entirely ‘Made in Italy’ but ‘Made in Gessi’, within a large production park where the creativity of design is born, realised and managed according to a solid and sustainable business model. Strongly rooted in its territory, since its establishment Gessi has been committed to respecting it: the factory is surrounded by 800,000 square metres of green space, the Parco Gessi, and is characterised by high-efficiency lighting systems, ventilated cooling systems and ecological heating panels, a total water recycling plant, 4 hectares of photovoltaic panels that produce clean energy for production operations, avoiding any CO2 emissions.   

Gessi has always been integrated in the territory in which it designs and manufactures its creations, today testifies its responsibility through the launch of the “ESG Gessi” project: a renewed commitment towards the Planet and environmental, social and managerial sustainability. ESG is in fact is the acronym for “Environmental, Social, Governance” and refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of an investment. 

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What are your future goals as a company?

The goal is obviously to consume less and in a better way with zero impact on greenhouse emissions, using electricity and gas consciously and efficiently, starting with careful maintenance for preventive purposes. 


Could you share a fun fact about GESSI?

Developing and building a company in Italy, means finding people with whom to share a certain idea not only of beauty and wellness but also of relaxation and fun. For example, Carnival is part of GESSI territory’s tradition. On the 4th of February, we organized GESSI CARNIVAL PARTY. Employees, managers, and friends dressed up as superheroes, fictional and historical characters to celebrate together which is what makes the Gessi Family great. 

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