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White Bathrooms

Design Inspiration

White bathrooms may vary in style and concept depending on the interior preference size and possibilities. In this blog post we explore white bathroom ideas, from rustic accents to warming layers of differing tones.

Is white a colour?

White is a colour, as it is made up of the primary colours of light – red, green, blue. However – white is the blending of all colours – these are often only visible when light is refracted through an object or prism – see a rainbow which is made up of all the colour spectrum !

Is white boring?

White is far from dull, it is a timeless colour—or some argue, a lack of colour—that conveys purity and minimalism. By incorporating various textures and forms, one can add layers of interest and movement to bathrooms of any size.

Creating an all-white environment should not be daunting. When perusing paint cards at a store, the distinctions between shades become evident. Leveraging the diversity of white hues, particularly warmer tones, can make a cozy and intimate personal space. This effect can be enhanced by employing warm white lighting (3000k) or opting for cooler shades of white and neutral white lighting (4000k) can dramatically transform even a smaller room into a spacious and breezy sanctuary. 

See below tiles available through West One Bathrooms for ideas in mixing shapes, sizes and textures:

WOB Lordship Park 15
WOB Shaw 29
WOB Ringwood Ave 37

Introducing different shapes, materials and angles that reflect and refract light at different angles also add a depth and interest to a room – geometric shapes are really great to work with in white – as they create light and shade. Adding patterns or marble can also elevate you white bathroom interior to the next level.

White tiles from our recent case studies:

Chelsea 3 cropped
WestOneBathrooms Oaklea Avenue 18

What can I mix white with?

White can be mixed with pale metal finishes to add accent to its tone and shade.  Brushed Nickel and Steel finishes give a nod to a more industrial masculine look, but Soft Matt Golds can create a more luxurious vibe in a bathroom. For the purists, we also offer brassware in Matt White so as not to dilute the look.

Different materials for sanitary ware fittings also create different atmospheres in a room.

  • The Glossy white resins reflect and bounce light off for a glamorous look , so work well with glossy porcelain tiles – which is where you could introduce subtle colour.
  •  The Soft chalky white textures of materials such as Cristalplant  along with Matt White ceramic sanitary ware – work well with slick geometric, or softer more artisan looks.


chelsea 23 square edited 2
west one bathrooms chelsea 25 square

Scandinavian Stye White Bathrooms

west one bathrooms case studies sussex 4
west one bathrooms belgiam farmhouse bathroom portrait bath 2
west one bathrooms case studies sussex 2 2

Modern White Bathroom Interiors

west 1one bathrooms case studies industrial shower room 1a
WestOneBathrooms Battersea 1 2

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