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Remodelling ideas to add value to your home

7 bathroom ideas to consider

We summed up 7 bathroom remodelling ideas to consider when thinking of adding value to your home. After the pandemic, many upgraded their inner sanctuaries to create a place to unwind and relax. Demand for an improved bathroom is on the increase and due to product sourcing delays and import shortages, opting for an end-to-end solution, such as our Design Service is more beneficial.

With our unrivalled product portfolio and team of designers we can guide you through beginning to end of your renovation. There are no limitations to what we can achieve, only your imagination.




Swap your bathroom lighting for an updated lighting with a chic new option to refresh the whole space. Consider incorporating Zuma spot lights to bring together sound and light in one device that you can control with your voice. Utilise natural light, if possible, to cut down energy costs as well as  provide a sense of openness and create a more inviting atmosphere.


Waterproof and moisture resistant lighting that is IP rated will ensure that the lighting fixtures are safe to use in a  high moisture areas.

Task lighting will help illuminate specific areas of the bathroom, such as the vanity or shower area. This can be achieved through by sconces, pendant lights, or recessed lighting. Incorporating dimmers will help to create different moods and ambiances.

Walk-In Shower

Wall-in showers are the new trend. They are accessible and add a modern look to the bathroom. Many designs include multiple shower heads, steam functions, light and colour therapy and other features such as sound, seating, bench, and storage which makes them multi-functional.

Investing in a powerful showerhead doesn’t cost much to fit, but it will add value to your home when you come to sell it. Upgrading your existing shower to a modern version walk-in wet room will surely attract potential buyers. Consider installing a powerful rainfall shower and a heated towel rail for spa-like relaxation facilities at home.


Think about replacing your bathroom mirror with a contemporary one to instantly modernise your bathroom. There are options available with built-in lighting, heating to avoid them steaming up, and storage to maximise the space and give it a luxurious feel.


Change your bathroom flooring with porcelain or ceramic tile; they are resilient, waterproof and durable. Another major upgrade is heated flooring, which makes a massive difference in comfort during cold months and will help reduce the heating cost to make the house cost-efficient in the long run. Adding features like a heated flooring or a steam shower can make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa, and it’s a feature that buyers will appreciate.

Waterproof Wallpaper

Installing wallpaper directly in a shower or steam room makes it the perfect option for a unique statement. It is resistant to humidity due to a fully waterproof membrane that doesn’t get damaged when in direct contact with water as opposed to a standard wallpaper. It is easy to maintain and clean as well as provide a unique selling point and make your bathroom stand out from the other bathrooms on the market.

WET SYSTEM has been developed to be installed in indoor damp environments with temperatures ranging from +10° to +35° on walls that are: directly inside showers and/or around bathtubs used few times a day such as in private homes and hotels.


Any room will be endlessly frustrating if it is not user-friendly, and, in the case of a bathroom, that means provision for storage. Consider mixing concealed and open storage, such as cabinets, vanity drawers and shelving.  Proper storage can make even the tiniest spaces feel well-organized and serene. Adding shelving or built-in cabinets for everyday items helps declutter countertops, which should be clear for sink and mirror use.

Hooks and towel warmers to hang towels, robes, and other items will help keeping them within easy reach.

Energy efficient fixtures

Updating your bathroom to be more energy efficient by using LED lighting, low-flow showerheads, and dual-flush toilets can help you save money on utilities, save water  and make it more attractive to buyers. Smart thermostats, timers, and motion sensors can be used to control lighting and heating, reducing energy consumption when the bathroom is not in use.

If you are already renovating you might as well install proper insulation that will help to keep the bathroom warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing the need for heating and cooling.

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