Meet the supplier: Mullan Lighting

Located on the border with Northern Ireland, Mullan village (meaning The Mill) is where Mullan Lighting designs and manufactures their handmade lights. A mix of clean lines, along with vintage character and a dash of worldly flair make Mullan Lighting’s style both fun and ultimately timeless.

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Could you tell us about how the company started?

Mullan was a thriving village in the 1850s with a local flax mill providing employment for the small community of workers that lived in the village cottages. In the early 20th century, the mill closed and the village lay idle and deserted for many years until a private company bought it in 1924. The Border Brand shoe factory soon prospered and Mullan Village became a bustling centre once more. In the 1970s, however, the shoe factory closed and the village was abandoned once again with most of the buildings falling into disrepair over the 30 years that followed. Mike Treanor established Mullan Lighting in the old mill building in 2009. It was named after the village and quickly brought life back into the area. Mullan Lighting now employs over 100 people and exports to over 55 countries worldwide.

What inspires your designs?

Mullan Lighting takes inspiration from the industrial past of the building with many designs influenced by lights found in the old factory. Our ceramic collection is inspired by the colours and textures of the old buildings and beautiful landscape of Mullan. It sustains the centuries-old tradition of Mullan as a village of makers.

Could you tell us a bit more about your manufacturing production process?

All of our lights are completely handmade and made to order. When an order is placed, it takes 3 weeks to be manufactured in the factory. The process itself depends on the colour finish and the design of the light fixture. Some of our lights have to go through the fabrication department, where parts of the light are made to suit the design by bending, braising and welding the metal. If the light has an antique brass finish, the antiquing department achieves this colour finish through a chemical process. The polishing department produce polished and satin brass finishes by polishing the brass components and using a hard wheel to get the satin brass finish. The powder coating department sprays the components in various colours, which then go into an oven to lock in the colour. The ceramic lights are moulded, left to dry, glazed and then put into the kiln to achieve the desired finish. Once the components of a lighting fixture have been made, they are assembled by our assembly department and tested to ensure they are safe.

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Our ceramic collection is inspired by the colours and textures of the old buildings and beautiful landscape of Mullan. It sustains the centuries-old tradition of Mullan as a village of makers.

Do you have any tips on how to choose the best light for your bathroom?

When choosing the right bathroom lighting, the most important thing is to look for lights that have an IP rating , which is shorthand for an Ingress Protection mark. The IP rating of a bulb or light fixture declares the level of protection it has against dirt or water. Lights inside the bath or shower tray need to be low voltage and have a minimum rating of IP67. For areas that are 2.25 metres above the bath and 60cm outside the bath’s perimeter, you should choose a light with a minimum rating of IP44. There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to ceiling fixtures as this higher space is out of the immediate wet zone danger. If you opt to add a pendant or chandelier, consider choosing one that casts a patterned shadow to add extra texture to your ritual retreat. For vanity lighting avoid placing fixtures directly above and in front of the mirror to reduce the casting of shadows. A popular option is to place wall lights either side of the mirror. Another thing you should consider is colour temperature, which is measured in Kelvin (K). A combination of both warm and bright lighting options creates an energizing atmosphere in the bathroom.

Fun Fact

Mullan Lighting started in a single room of the old mill building, and as the company grew more and more parts of the building were refurbished. The success of Mullan Lighting has rejuvenated Mullan Village, which beforehand lay deserted for decades. Many of the lighting designers, engineers and craftspeople that work in Mullan Lighting now live in the restored mill houses also.

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