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What You Should Consider Before Embarking On A Renovation

What You Should Consider Before Embarking On A Renovation

At the outset, the all important consideration is budget. Some people oversee the importance of setting aside an adequate budget. A budget isn’t just for the products themselves, but also for an experienced and qualified bathroom installer. Therefore having a realistic budget is imperative.

It is a good idea to work out what you want from the space based on your lifestyle. Grab your inspiration from magazine cuttings or from the likes of Instagram and even Pinterest. This idea offers a great indication of your preferences in terms of styles and functionality for the space. As there are a multitude of advancements in the bathroom, new products and technology possibilities are therefore endless!

Additionally, it is worth paying a little extra to go to a bathroom specialist, such as West One Bathrooms whom offers of a full Design Service. With unparalleled access to suppliers globally, experts on hand offer advice from start to finish. Finally, with a vast portfolio of products, clients are guided through physical displays and brochures to ensure everything is tailored for them. Clients are even ask about things they might not have known existed!

When visiting a showroom, clients should bring as much information with them as possible. This includes dimensions of the space, ceiling heights, window and door heights and positions. If they can also accompany with photos of the current space, it assists with understanding of any restrictions with the space or plumbing. It also aids in identifying factors that the client currently dislikes about the bathroom.

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