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Our designer was tasked with creating a vibrant space featuring an elegant Art Deco aesthetic. The house is a stunning modern Californian-style luxury home set on 14 acres of land. Architecturally designed with a playful Hollywood glamour interior, the entire house showcases floor-to-ceiling glass and doors, blending fabulous and grand elements.

Wetwood Rough 7 LR
Wetwood Rough 8 LR

The designer felt at ease pushing creative boundaries, combining Art Deco glamour with patterns and textures for added character. With no natural light in the bathroom aside from a skylight in the powder room area, mood LED lighting and large mirrors were essential to reflect light, create shadows, and add a boutique hotel ambiance.

Wetwood Rough 3 LR
Wetwood Rough 4 LR
Wetwood Rough 11 LR
Wetwood Rough 6 LR
Wetwood Rough 12 LR

Walnut fluted wood accents, arches, and soft curves draw the eye further into the room, with the floral feminine explosion wallpaper creating an element of grandeur.

To enhance the Hollywood feel and reinforce the room’s identity, we incorporated materials with gold accents and retro styles, such as fluted glass wall lights and soft brass taps with natural wood inlay, echoing the reeded wood rounded sides of the room. The ‘Silhouette’ wallpaper from Arte adds movement, flow, and a feminine, decadent touch. The daring yet soft contrasts in the wallpaper tied the two areas together, creating a timeless Hollywood look.

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