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With clients increasingly gathering their bathroom design inspiration from social media, it becomes apparent early on that not everyone can live like they lead us to believe. Whilst Instagram might allow people to believe we can live without an item out of place, that just isn’t realistic. Therefore clients more often than not, have requests for storage in their bathrooms.

The first question for a client is how much storage do they actually need? A lot think they need loads and then once a good clear out takes place, they realise that maybe they can be more frugal. Consideration needs to be taken as to the location of the storage. Where does it need to be to be practical? Also, what do they need to store? If you have a lot of tall bottles, shallow drawers will be useless. Likewise if you have lots of small cosmetics, a deep drawer will be too vast.

When it comes to choosing the type of storage, whilst everyone knows the obvious – use the space under a basin for a drawer or two to hide all the lotions and potions, there are also more inventive things you can consider.

Ultimately in most clients top list of priorities, is easy clean– so wall mounted cabinets and niches in showers, mean no dirt traps to clean. Consider recessed mirror storage in stud walls over basins or wall mounted toilets, it will give the illusion of mirrors but with additional storage behind. Also consider having a shaver socket within, for charging toothbrushes and shavers which eliminates the need for unsightly cables to be on show.

People should also consider their bathroom being more a living space than a clinical one. This may lead to different types of furniture and cabinetry choices.

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