How to create a luxury wet room

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What is a wet room?

A wet room is a waterproof open shower area with level access floor and built-in drainage flush with the floor that is easily accessible, practical and entirely customisable. It is an ideal bathroom for children, elderly and anyone with mobility issues. Having a wet room can be a real luxury at home, even when the space you have to work with is limited. Try thinking along the lines of colourful floor-to-ceiling tiles, built-in seating and sleek, concealed pipework.

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Wall-hung sanitary ware:

Opting for sanitary ware slightly smaller than the standard size is a good way to create an the illusion of a more space. Our Primo WC’s are perfect solution for a small space. They are wall-hung with a concealed cistern that will simplify maintenance but also enhance a sense of space by revealing more floor area. Installing wall-hung bathroom vanities and WC further aids in minimising visual clutter and maximising the bathroom’s overall functionality.

Awkward Spaces:

Wet rooms truly shine in specific circumstances.They could be very effective in small or challenging spaces, such as rooms with sloped ceilings or unconventional layouts. By doing away with standard shower tray sizes, wet rooms enable you to optimise the showering area, providing greater flexibility and creativity in design.

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Think about the surface:

Tiling from floor-to-ceiling is practical but can sometimes feel cold and uninviting especially in a bigger space. A rising trend in wet rooms involves opting for polished plaster, which offers a clean and contemporary organic appearance. If you are contemplating tiling your wet room, opting for larger tiles can reduce the visibility of grout lines.

Brian Woulfe has skilfully showcased a method to achieve a minimalist yet inviting and warm atmosphere in wet rooms using LED lighting:

This ensuite is a great example of interior design, lighting design and home automation working seamlessly together to create an enjoyable user experience. Scrolling through will show you the preset scenes for Day, Afternoon, Evening and Night. The bathroom also has a PIR sensor scene to trigger lights at a low level when entering during the night.

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Options and ideas:

Waterproofing the wet room is the first step to avoid any leaking before tiling. Consult with any of our in-house designers for personalised advice for your space. Hidden tray systems fit under the floor tiles and take care of drainage gradients. Another option is to use a large steel shower tray that is integrated flush with the floor to create a seamless look. Underfloor heating would help keep the space dry and provide comfort to the user.

Here are a few of our shower trays recommendations:

Preference Shower Tray

The Preference Shower Tray is an ultra low-profile shower tray. It features a flush fitting shower floor. As a result, it therefore hosts adaptability and flexibility to fit into any space. It is moulded from Matki’s fully restorable Solid Surface material. Every shower tray and shower floor is expertly built and also finished by hand.

Universal 40

Universal 40 has a sleek low profile design with a thickness of 40mm. The shower tray is available in any colour to order via Tile Matching, RAL or Pantone. There is a central high-flow shower waste with Chrome flange and Stainless Steel waste grill available in a range of finishes.

Bette Floor-Level

Bette Floor-level makes showering a more comfortable and convenient experience for people of all ages. It also offers a further advantage by creating a spacious environment. The elegant shower area nestles down flush to any floor with an invisible slope towards the drainage outlet. The Bette Air is also available in an extensive selection of traditional bathroom colours and 22 exclusive matt colours.


The Base shower trays bring a new dimension to your bathroom designs, giving the possibility of upgrading the shower tray. It is impact resistant and its resistance to bending makes the tray durable and resistant to breakage.Unlike other trays that needs your walls to be square and true in order to get a perfect fit without the need for small tile cuts or silicon to hide the gap, this tray can be trimmed on site with an angle grinder to ensure the perfect fit.

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