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Compact Basins

Cloakroom must-haves

If you have limited space in your bathroom consider opting for a compact basin to save space. Find a range of basins below that can transform your cloakroom into a functional stylish interior.

About Kast Concrete Basins:

Kast is a British design brand specialising in the manufacture of contemporary concrete basins. From simple monolithic forms to refined contours and patterned surfaces, their product range has been designed to accentuate the unique textures, colours  and characteristics of concrete. Basins are suitable for both residential and commercial bathroom applications. Available to view in our Clerkenwell Showroom.

West One Bathrooms KastConcreteBasinsArla
WestOneBathrooms Mayfair 10
WestOneBathrooms Kast Basin
WestOneBathrooms Battersea 5 2

Thomas Crapper is know for its traditional branded fixuters. Their collections offer authentic, luxury Victorian and Edwardian style toilets, basins and cloakroom basins.


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Compact basins come in a variety of styles and shapes, including round, oval, square, and rectangular. They can be made from a range of materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, concrete, glass, or stainless steel. Some compact basins may also include integrated storage solutions or have a minimalist design that blends seamlessly into the surrounding space.

The Handwash Basin in the middle  and the Facett Basin on the right are compact and minimalistic in design which makes them versatile to suit a range of bathroom styles. Built into the design, is a holder or shelf that can accommodate, soap, handwash, or anything else one might require to complement the basin.

west one bathrooms handwash cropped
west one bathrooms facette 02 cropped
west one bathrooms alape steel19 2 cropped
west one bathrooms 01 alape folio gaeste cropped
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