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Bathroom trends to look out for in 2023

According to Designed by Woulfe and Emma Merry Styling.

To inspire your next bathroom or cloakroom makeover, we asked interior designers new bathroom trends that they’re loving for 2023.

Bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, which makes it easier to experiment with different design elements without overwhelming the room. Serving a specific purpose, can inspire unique design solutions that are both practical, visually interesting but personal and unique to the user, which can allow for more self-expression in the design.

About Brian & Emma

Designed by Woulfe is a high-end luxury interior design studio in London led by Managing and Creative director Brian, who founded the company in 2009. His diverse portfolio of work includes interior design and development projects for private clients, property developers and commercial clients across Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific regions.

Emma Merry Styling is an interior designer that specialises in kitchens, bathrooms and classically modern bedroom suites that stand the test of time. Her style is clean and fresh interiors with a European vibe.

Our Predictions:

Two of our experts believe details from the past in bathrooms are making an entrance this year, which means turning yours into cloakroom into a vintage heaven. As always, bathroom lighting is a topic of conversation. Whether you are here for inspiration or out of curiosity one of these trends will spark your interest.


1. Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles will make a comeback and we’re likely to continue to see a preference for natural materials with the classic style of marble and stone continuing”, says Emma. 

Large format tiles are becoming increasingly popular for use in residential and commercial spaces due to their aesthetic appeal and design flexibility. One of the main advantages of large format tiles is that they can create a more seamless and modern look in a space. They are particularly useful in large open spaces, such as living rooms or kitchens, where they can create the illusion of more space. Large format tiles are also great for high-traffic areas and bathrooms, as they require fewer grout lines, and they are easier to clean and maintain. They can also be used in combination with smaller tiles to create a unique and modern design.

2. Cool Metallics

Try mixing metal finishes, including brass, gold, gunmetal and brushed nickel, for a more eclectic and unique look.  “As we say goodbye to the neutral stalwarts of beige and grey we’ve been seeing so much over the last couple of years, welcoming new tones like soft pistachio green and deep rusts along with the cool metallics to off-set them.” – says Emma.

Cool metallics can be incorporated into a bathroom in various ways, such as faucets, showerheads, and towel bars. They can also be used in lighting fixtures, mirrors, and even in the hardware of cabinetry. These types of finishes reflect light well and can make a small bathroom feel larger. They also pair well with other contemporary bathroom design elements such as clean lines, minimalism and neutral color palettes.

3. Japandi

2023 will see Japandi design continue to grow in popularity, Japan meets Scandinavia. East meets West has always been a design style I’ve been interested in. Lighter tones such as off-whites and creams, and lighter colours like dusty pinks, blues and greens combined with warmer natural wood finishes help to bring this design style to life”, says Brian.

Use of natural or biophilic elements, such as plants and natural stone, to create a spa-like atmosphere. Japandi bathroom design typically features clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and an emphasis on functionality and simplicity. The colour palette is often neutral with pops of natural wood tones, and lighting is kept soft and natural to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. The use of plants and natural elements such as bamboo and rocks are also common in Japandi bathroom design to create a connection to nature.


4. Spa-like Showers

Increased demand for luxury and high-end bathroom products, such as steam showers and spa-like features. Walk-in showers, often with frameless glass enclosures, to create a more open and spacious feeling.

  1. Brian predicts, “Natural materials such as marble, travertine and unlacquered brass will feature heavily and will help deliver that spa-like luxurious experience that homeowners crave”.

From wanting to incorporate spa-like features into the bathroom, there will be continued growth in the popularity of smart technology in the bathroom, including voice-controlled faucets, smart washlets and shower systems.

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5. Decorative Lighting

Bathrooms can include a variety of fixtures, such as vanity lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall-hung. These lights can be used to create a specific ambiance or highlight certain features of the bathroom. Decorative lighting will help to create the more relaxing atmospheres that clients are looking for.”- says Brian.

When selecting decorative lighting for a bathroom, it’s important to consider the size of the space, the desired level of brightness, and the overall design aesthetic. Due to the amount of moisture and steam, lighting in the bathroom has to meet certain safety standards depending on the proximity to water. All the lighting we show on both our main website and online shop, are IP rated and specific for the bathroom.

6. Antiques

“Clients are also looking to introduce details from past periods to give smaller spaces like guest powder rooms that “wow”, says Brian.

Emma adds, There’s no denying the 90s are having a massive resurgence right now, and of course that translates to interiors”.

Vintage pieces can add character and charm to a bathroom, but it’s important to consider their function, durability, safety, and overall style when incorporating them into a bathroom design.

7.Earthy Tones

“I think for 2023 we’re going to see the earthy terracotta’s, and mushroom hues return as we say goodbye to the neutral stalwarts of beige and grey we’ve been seeing so much over the last couple of years, welcoming new tones like soft pistachio green” – Emma

What are the benefits of staying on top of trends?

Knowing the latest bathroom trends can help architects, designers, and remodelers to make better-informed decisions, which can result in cost savings for their clients as well as provide better service, create more appealing designs, and stay competitive in the market.

For home owners trends can provide inspiration for new and creative design ideas, ensuring they are up to date with the most functional and efficient products and features available. 

Sustainability also plays a major role as technology is constantly developing and more products are incorporating renewable recourses, eco-friendly materials and energy saving features to conserve water and reduce the use of chemicals.



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