Floating Vanity Units


Floating vanities offer an excellent means of making a modern design statement, providing storage solutions without consuming excessive floor space. They help maintain an organised, functional and uncluttered interior and transform the look of a bathroom.  In this post, we explore various floating vanity options.

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Why are floating vanities so popular?


Light and Airy Interior

Wall hung sanitary ware gives the illusion of space as there is more visible floor area the space appears lighter and airy. Integrated storage in vanity units allows you avoid clutter making them a much more functional compared to other basins.  Therefore, wall hung vanity units are ideal for smaller spaces bathrooms as you can utilise the space more for other fixtures.

Modern Look

Floating vanities possess a sleek and modern aesthetic that harmonises with a wide range of interior styles. West One Bathrooms presents an extensive array of styles, materials, finishes, colours, and designs, ensuring that you will consistently discover an option that resonates with your personal taste and complements your interior. Additionally, these vanities are highly customisable, allowing you to tailor them precisely to suit your bathroom, incorporating features such as LED lighting, handles, and numerous other elements. 

You can utterly transform the ambiance and appearance of your space by reconsidering your vanity.


Floating sanitary ware offers the advantage of simplified cleaning, allowing easy access to clean both around and beneath the vanity. This makes it a highly sanitary choice, particularly beneficial for individuals who may face challenges in lifting or moving furniture.

Floating vanity units in master bathrooms:

Integrated double basin with storage for optimal functionality

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Floating vanity units in compact bathrooms:

smaller bathrooms such as cloakrooms or wet rooms greatly benefit from floating appliances as it help the space to appear larger and less cluttered. Consider installing a floating vanity with a wall-mounted w/c to save space

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