Fonte Round Marble Basin

Its image is solid and statuary as that of a single block carved into the stone and polished by water. Its volume is instead generated by the assembly of individual segments interlaid by a black or white resin. Fonte recalls the image of stone sinks traditionally present in rural and mountain areas. Its circular shape, generated by the sequence of straight segments refers to images of the past.


Bianco Carrara or Black Marquinia


  • West One Bathrooms – 03 al 2021 05 27 pedana 6 fonte nero marquinia 04 1623150618801
  • West One Bathrooms – nero marquinia 03 gen 1623150629732
  • West One Bathrooms – fonte nero marquinia 02 gen 1623150641816
  • West One Bathrooms – Fonte Cararra
  • West One Bathrooms – Fonte Cararra 2

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  • Marble

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