Binario is a collection of furniture with clean lines. Parallel lines like rails engrave the front and sides, giving three-dimensionality to the surface and dressing the piece of furniture with a “pleating” that visually lightens it. Spaced 3 mm apart in Binario 03 and 12 mm in Binario 12, the millings articulate the longitudinal development of the furniture.

  • Fluted Design
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • The furniture of the Binario 03 collection can be combined with the tops of the Ponte series, which fit perfectly to create a groove that extends along the entire composition and allows for easy opening of the front


Binario 03 is only available in a matt or embossed lacquered version in all the colours of the antoniolupi range. Binario 12 is available both in the wood essence version and in the lacquered version in matt or embossed finish.

  • West One Bathrooms Binario 04
  • West One Bathrooms Binario 03
  • West One Bathrooms Binario 01
  • West One Bathrooms Binario 05
  • West One Bathrooms Binario 02

Detailed information


  • Beige / Cream
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red
  • White

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