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How to splash out on a statement bathroom

In the Press: February 2018

Minimalist bathrooms may be relaxing in their simplicity, but they can also feel clinical and devoid of charisma. The latest looks are decorative rather than spartan, using pattern, colour and mixed materials together to give the space a sense of individuality. This approach allows bathrooms to flow better visually within the home.

Technical developments – from daringly patterned waterproof wallcoverings to glamorous lighting that can still meet safety standards – can help forge this softer, more domestic look.

There are wild designs available if you want them, but creating a bathroom with personality needn’t be about clashing colours or doing a complete refurbishment. “Less is more – take one or two trends and work with those,” says Louise Ashdown, manager and designer at West One Bathrooms in Tunbridge Wells. “You only need a couple of interesting textures, or maybe to stick to a colour scheme but have one thing that pops out at you. That way you’ll keep the bathroom as a calm oasis.”

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