Windowless Bathroom Refresh

Design Inspiration

When designing a bathroom without windows, it’s important to take into account the absence of natural light. To compensate for this, various factors should be considered to achieve a cohesive look in the design.

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Integrated lighting

Integrated lighting is essential in proving the additional lighting to the spaced to no natural light as well as creating an ambience with light and shadow.


Integrated lighting behind sanitary ware including mirrors is a key element when it comes to bathroom design, yet very often overlooked. Consider integrating lighting into shower enclosures, built-in shelving and vanity units. By adding a great lighting scheme in your shower,  the room feels instantly fresher and the space more breathable. The space needs to adapt to the many different uses it provides throughout the day and consideration needs to be taken as to whether the space has any natural light. Bathroom lighting has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Mirrors are well known for their ability to create the illusion of more space. In this compact understairs Powder Room (image below left), we opted for a half wall of antique glass which not only makes the space feel larger with more depth, it also adds warmth.  Consider installing a mirror wall or round mirror for your bathroom or cloakroom.

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WestOneBathrooms anchor brewhouse 8
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Anchor Brewhouse 17
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Wall-Mounted Sanitary Appliances

Wall-mounted sanitary appliances are great for clearing floor space. Some wall hung vanity units have integrated storage that helps to stay organised. However, if you do have limited space available, wall hung toilets might not be possible to install as they require space to conceal the fixture.

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West One Bathrooms – Chelsea 12
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Be experimental with tiles and colour

Windowless bathroom is a perfect place to go bold and step out of your comfort zone since there is no a view, you still have something interesting to look at. Consider installing our waterproof wallpaper, or opt for a patterned tile to get that “wow” factor. For those uninterested in pattern, opt for more colourful options.  These green scallop tiles are perfect for adding verve to your bathroom. The large round mirror also has integrated storage which makes the space functional yet stylish.

Adding panelling is also an easy way to bring decorative character to a windowless bathroom.

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