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We listed tips and advice of our designer Alberto to provide his expertise on crafting an eco-friendly bathroom. These aspects are frequently neglected, yet contemplating them prior to embarking on a bathroom renovation can be remarkably beneficial.


Consider what the product is made of.

Modern luxury needs sustainable thinking and action.

For example, bathtubs, shower surfaces and washbasins from German manufacturer Kaldewei are made of exquisite steel enamel and are plastic-free, extremely durable and 100 percent recyclable at the end of a long-life cycle. Good for your bathroom and good for the environment.


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How is the product made? What is the associated energy use along with chemicals and waste material. For example, all brassware by luxury manufacturer Gessi, is designed and manufactured in Italy. They have been making their factory space as green as possible with electric vehicle charging points and solar panels. 31% of the company’s energy production is self-produced by their solar panels. Additionally, their factory “park” is the home of 600,000 bees. Gessi has always focused on ‘ethical’ design characterised by new technologies, zero-impact production processes, non-production materials, and innovation and research with a view to constantly reduce our environmental footprint. They implement eco-conscious structures within their showrooms and factory and try to use recyclable materials where they can. They offer brassware with reduced water saving technology as well as sensor taps that will run only when needed.

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Can the product be recycled at the end of its lifecycle? A long product life combined with recyclability is the premier class, because then a product will have delighted an owner for decades before it starts its journey again as a raw or valuable material and is born again without any reduction in quality.


Will this product stand the test of time? For example, opting for LED lights means a longer life span which results in lower carbon emissions.

LED lights last up to six times longer than other types of lights

reducing the requirement for frequent replacements. LED lights are more energy-efficient, conserving up to 80% more energy than traditional lighting such as fluorescent and incandescent. 95% of the energy in LEDs is converted into light and only 5% is wasted as heat.


How eco-friendly is the manufacturer? This could be eco credentials, solar panels in the factory, recyclable packaging and even planting trees.


Where is the product manufactured? For example, one of our lighting suppliers, Mullan Lighting is in “Mullan Village” on the border with Northern Ireland. Many of the lighting designers, engineers and craftspeople that work in Mullan Lighting live in the restored mill houses within the village. Drawing inspiration from their rural surroundings, Mullan also utilises local suppliers, materials, and recycled components.

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