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Smart Washlets

Short guide to TOTO Washlets:

What is a washlet?

A washlet is a toilet with integrated bidet functionality. It provides a gentle cleansing with warm water for a fresh, clean feeling.

What functions does a washlet offer?

Wand jet with up to three different types of sprays, individually adjustable water temperature and pressure. It also has a heated seat, dryer, filter system to prevent unpleasant odours and a remote control.

TOTO is Japan’s leading producer of sanitaryware and is a name that has been synonymous with the advancement of bathroom culture since its creating in 1917.  Its technological innovations and high standard of quality have made it an iconic and much-loved brand in Japan. And with European consumers  demanding an evermore luxurious and fulfilling bathroom experience, the time is right for the world’s most sophisticated bathroom products to enter the market.

The RX and SX Washlet

As clean as brand new – with every use

TOTO have developed Washlet technology for over 40 years with advanced features to make your shower toilet the most hygienic experience to use and maintain.

Aside from the Washlet RX and SX, TOTO offers a range of Washlets with a variety of functions.

To view the full range and compare please visit this page.


The SX and RX Washlet is operated through the intuitive remote control designed for simplicity but with advanced features.

  • Stopping – To stop any function at any time
  • Rear cleansing – Two options regular or soft cleansing
  • Front “lady” Cleansing – Cleansing especially for ladies
  • Oscillating Cleansing – The wand moved back and forth for thorough cleansing


  • Pulsating Cleansing – Water pressure pulses between soft and strong for thorough cleansing
  • Water Pressure Adjustment – For you to set the pressure from soft to strong
  • Want Position Adjustment – For exact position control of the wand
  • User Memory – Memory storage for two users



Tornado flush – Quietly powerful

The SX and RX Washlet WC pans incorporate Tornado Flush. Multiple jets create a vortex of water which thoroughly and quietly cleans the bowl completely after every flush.

The Tornado Flush system requires no more water than a regular flush and as the water does not “crash” into the pan the toilet is quiet in operation.

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