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If you’re contemplating renovating or designing a new en-suite, this blog post Q&A provides expert advice on key considerations to keep in mind!

How do I find space for an ensuite?

For a shower room it would be best to take the end of a bedroom, allowing you to get the 2400mm length. For a bathroom the corner of a room works best. On both of these you want to make sure the light of both rooms isn’t compromised. Utilising L shapes in corners can be great for offsetting showers.

Realistically, how much space is needed to create an ensuite?

It all depends on the size of the bathroom – if a shower room then 1200mm wide x 2400mm length, if a bathroom then 2000mm wide x 1700mm length – those are the minimum spaces to work with.


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What do you need to consider in terms of plumbing and extraction?

  • When choosing the location for fixtures in your en-suite, think about the internal joists. By taking these into account, you can avoid the hassle of having to build up the floor to accommodate the soil pipe, bath, or shower waste. A little foresight can save you time and effort during the installation process.
  • Whenever possible, try to run your pipe work in the same direction as the joists. This not only simplifies the plumbing installation but also ensures a more harmonious integration within the overall structure. It’s all about optimizing efficiency and functionality.
  • If your en-suite has an exterior wall, take advantage of it for your plumbing needs. Running the pipe work outside can be a viable option. Alternatively, consider connecting the en-suite plumbing to the existing bathroom plumbing if the layout allows for it. Just make sure your plumbing system can handle the additional load!
  • En-suites often lack windows, making proper ventilation crucial. To prevent issues like condensation, mold, and dampness, invest in an extractor fan. This essential addition will effectively remove moisture, ensuring a fresh and healthy environment.
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Should the person using the bathroom have an affect on the layout?

Yes. If the en-suite is for children then a bath would be best –  you can install a shower for when they get older. If it’s for adults and there is already a bath in the house then a shower room is handy if you have a busy life style. Sliding doors may not be the preferred choice, however, it is great for small spaces! An opening outdoor has too much to crash with and takes space up in the bathroom, so inward opening doors are best.

How do I incorporate storage in a small bathroom?

For any bathroom, trying to create storage is a must, as the room will be small – you don’t want clutter. For example if your basin is on a stud wall you can utilise this space by having built in mirror cabinets. Under-basin storage would work well too. 
Cubby holes over the bath or in the shower are handy for placing products, and keeping it neat and tidy.

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What are the best tips for renovating an en-suite?

There are a few.. The best tip for an ensuite is to tile the shower base rather than use a shower tray, this gives you the continuity and doesn’t highlight that half the floor is a shower. Also, try getting a floating basin vanity and wall-hung WC to show more floor space. This will help avoid cleaning difficult to access areas. Invariably the loo and basin will be next to each so recessing mirror cabinets will reduce the clutter from display and more mirror will open up the space.

Another good tip is opting for larger format tiles. They will help reducing the grout lines and giving a more open feel.  In a narrow, corridor style ensuite, keeping the projection of the basin to a minimum is essential, wall mounting the basin taps and using a basin without a tap ledge can save space while not sacrificing the size of the bowl.

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