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Small Size Premium Spa by Sieger Design

Small Size Premium Spa is an amazing 6m2 spa installed into our Battersea showroom. More people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space and thus rising apartment prices. However there is a increase in demand for enhanced quality of life. The “Small Size Premium Spa”, SSPS®, fulfils all the standards of a luxury spa in a compact area.

A Customisable Design

The SSPS® is the first joint venture between West One Bathrooms, Dornbracht and effegibi. The modular spa is fully customisable in its design. The spacious wet zone measures approx. 3.5m2. This separates the dry zone by a glass screen. The two zones create a spacious and harmonious ambiance.


Lighting is an aspect in which has been considered greatly within the design of the SSPS. Whilst it is important the spa provides atmospheric lighting for well-being purposes, it is also essential for the lighting to be suitable for day-to-day activities. Through the use of integrated LED strips and spotlights, we are able to achieve this. As a result, the user is able to create the perfect mood in accordance to their personal preferences.

The Features

The working installation at West One Bathrooms features both the vertical and horizontal shower from Dornbracht, a suspended bench plus the Touch & Steam generator by effegibi. The effegibi Tuttovetro Contour 10mm thick glass enclosure divides this area. This enclosure itself also includes a pivot door with fixed panels.

Focusing On The Individual’s Well-being

With an increased focus and the recognised importance for individual’s well-being, the ingenious concept of the SSPS we believe is the future of the bathroom. The ability to combine the daily functionality of a bathroom with a spa within such a confined space, we truly believe is the way society is heading as people’s expectations for luxury and quality increase. We are thrilled to be able to introduce the SSPS to our clients, teamed up alongside world-class partners Dornbracht and effegibi and designed by internationally renowned Sieger design is an honour.”  Duncan Waters, Managing Director at West One Bathrooms.

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