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Placing a Mirror in front of a Bathroom Window

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Those looking to save wall space in their bathroom may find placing a mirror in front of a window an attractive option, particularly if they have large fixtures like showers and freestanding baths. This approach can be an elegant solution, and the amount of daylight lost is not typically significant. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to place a mirror in front of a bathroom window.


  • Using natural light to illuminate your face is a great way to reduce the need for strong electric lights during the day, which can help save on energy consumption
  • More privacy without completely blocking the outlook and light.
  • Creates an elegant focal point in the room, especially in smaller bathroom
  • This approach can be advantageous for those who have a good view from their bathroom and want to take advantage of it.
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There are some drawbacks of putting a mirror in front of a window however they are not major as they could be easily avoided if it has been preplanned and carefully designed. 

  • Window exterior from outside,  as seeing the back of a mirror from a prominent window might not be ideal, especially if it visible from front of the house
  • Opening the widow may not be easily accessible, however, it depends on how the window is fixed to the ceiling or wall  
  • Blocking natural light,  especially of it is a small window as it will take up a significant portion of it. We would advice to avoid installing mirrors in windows that are not big in size and dependant on natural light.
  • Compromised storage in as it can’t be incorporated into the mirror

Case Study:

In the Chelsea project, the designer cleverly utilised space by placing a double vanity with suspended mirrors in front of the window. A striking book-matched marble wall encloses the bath, and the “floating” quality of the vanity mirrors  gives a modern and updated twist to the interior.

Read more about the case study here.

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