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Minimaluxe represents a contemporary lifestyle and decorative approach that emphasizes organic and elegantly formed designs, enticing our sensory experiences. In this blog post, we will delve into the essence of minimaluxe, unraveling its meaning and delving into its widespread appeal in today’s world of bathroom and interior design.

What is minimaluxe?

Minimaluxe is a design trend with the focus on organic, shapely design that indulges the senses. It’s a new phrase the Livingetc team has coined to describe a design moment and movement that is taking over this decade.

Embrace Juxtaposition

Contrast done subtly. The best designers are creating interesting vignettes even within a single piece of furniture by experimenting with disparity. Play with the materials in your homes palette, think about the wood next to tile, concrete, concrete or a piece of linen fabric to soften the edges and play with the surfaces. Bouclé chairs paired with low-pile rug, untreated wood, a contrast of smooth and naturally rough textures and a sense you can walk barefoot and feel safe.

WOB Lordship Park 15
WestOneBathrooms 23038 IBN CAT Ease02 02 sc v
WestOneBathrooms Kast Concrete Basins – Oska – Wheat – 4×5

Space and light 

The sense of space and light is the key feature to consider int a minimaluxe interior. Play with natural light and encourage brightness by installing integrated LED and spot lights. You might not be able to change the rooms shape but you can decorate to enhance height, encourage brightness by choosing simple, light colour palettes and dressing the windows minimally or not at all. Have a look at the image below from our Chelsea showroom where we dressed the windows with linen curtains that are thin enough to provide enough privacy without blocking off too much natural light.

Chelsea 34 resized
Chelsea 31 cropped

Shape Up

Curved sinuous lines and fluid forms are in the spotlight and the organic trend isn’t going anywhere. Hard edges are being replaced by soft, shapely pieces. Making abundant use of curved shapes to avoid hard shadows contributes to creating a peaceful space. The seating is a bath (to the right) is designed to envelop you in its curves to mould to the body. Other bathroom accessories are arched or scalloped to highlight the soft approach to the angular forms.

West One Bathrooms – Mastello colormood Delfino 02

Elevated but approachable

Minimaluxe done well should be sophisticated but functional. It is in the layering of colours and textures, the elements that nod to your personal style and the extra touches that appeal to something beyond aesthetics. Designing for the senses will elevate your scheme further.

Consider creating a tactile space by incorporating textural elements like fluted glass, textured tiles and surface variations. Think about the sound and scent you would like your space to have. Zuma perfectly integrates in bathroom interior by incorporating light with sound.

WestOneBathrooms Oext (2)
West One Bathrooms – inbani – Light & Shadow 01
WestOneBathrooms Oext (3)

Natural materials

One of the plus points about the minimaluxe movement is that it should mean you have a more low maintenance home.

Metals and harder textures like stone are usually stronger in terms of their functional qualities and durability, so should be used on surfaces you are in direct contact with, like brassware, vanities and basins in the bathroom.


West One Bathrooms ECLIPSE antoniolupi MARBLE

Stone is commonly linked to a rigid and chilly sensation. However, when crafted into an organic round form, it aims to evoke the concept of stone while also tempering its perception. West One Bathrooms offers an extensive selection of marble basins and baths that possess a softened round minimaluxe appearance.

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