West One Bathrooms Small Size Premium Spa Concept SSPS by Sieger Design 4a

At Home Spa

As the demand for spa-like relaxation facilities at home is on the increase, we have introduced two truly unique spaces into our Battersea showroom. The two dedicated spa experience areas offer a glimpse into the possibilities of what can be tailored and recreated into the home.

One room is dedicated to the SSPS concept by Dornbracht and Sieger Design; as more and more people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space and rising apartment prices. But at the same time, there’s increasing demand for enhanced quality of life. The “Small Size Premium Spa”, SSPS®, fulfils all the standards of a luxury spa in a compact area of approx. 6m2. The room features the effegibi steam bath, along with the Sensory Shower head and horizontal shower by Dornbracht.

The second spa room is home to The Flotation Tub by TOTO which is the first working model to be installed in Europe. The tub offers the posture of an astronaut floating in space, which they call Zero-dimension bathing. It releases stress on joints and encourages relaxation. The tub also incorporates LED lighting and electronic controls to operate the neck bath and the air-jet system. In the same room is the revolutionary Aquamoon shower by Dornbracht which offers a multi-sensory water experience. It combines water, light and energy  – offering a new dimension in showering. The dome in the ceiling forms the central element which delivers relaxing sprays from the Tempest and aqua-circle, to the Queen’s collar semi-circular cascade of water which is reminiscent of a waterfall evoking a natural experience. These can be controlled by either manual or electronic controls. For an enhanced experience of relaxation, the shower can be combined with aromatherapy.

Visit our Battersea showroom to see both areas.

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