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Key to a luxurious bathing space

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In this blog post we delve into the expertise of one of our talented in-house designers, who shares valuable insights on creating a luxury bathroom.

What is the key to luxurious bathing space?

“Bathrooms are expected to last much longer than the rest of home furnishings, so cheap lower end products are exposed in a short space of time. Ensuring you are future proofing the space and avoiding what can become fads is a prime consideration, we work closely with our clients to anticipate not only the immediate, but future requirements of a bathroom too.

Incorporating natural marble in interior ensures  timeless allure and captivating beauty. Marble is synonymous with luxury, a material that is loved and highly sought after. Endowed with expressive power, it has the power to give personality to any environment and bring any object to life.

A good quality product in the room makes a space feel special and high end.  We aim to keep a room as seamless as possible and maintain functionality in the space.

A “wow” space is achieved by breaking the norm and pushing creative boundaries. Mixing textures, inputting unusual design features, incorporating new materials and new products will all help to make a space feel luxurious.

Clients perception of luxury can vary – some will opt for opulence and glamour, whilst others for minimalist simplicity. We offer a large portfolio of products that will satisfy and suit any taste and style.


WestOneBathrooms Violetta Honed Marble scaled 1920×1920
WestOneBathrooms Chelsea square 48
WestOneBathrooms antoniolupi ALBUME CALACATTA VIOLA 021

Large Format Tiles

Classical bathrooms lend themselves to larger natural stone slabs or tiles. An uninterrupted marble floor can be stunning, or in a smaller space, marble mosaics can work just as well.

Even using simulated timbers and concrete are completely convincing and can help create an urban or Scandinavian feel – whilst paired with underfloor heating can give a great look and luxurious feeling, especially in wetrooms.

In a more contemporary environment large format porcelain tiles with a rectified edge – meaning smaller grout line, add to a more seamless look.

WestOneBathrooms Chelsea 33
WestOneBathrooms Quarry Slim DGQYL 02 Natural

Luxury Bathroom Furniture

“Glass furniture with bespoke solutions and colours are more popular than ever especially with the rise of quality of ranges such as Oasis” – says our designer Louise. Collections by Oasis include different lines of bathroom furniture, all conveying a hint of the Art Dèco style, from the Twenties and the Thirties of the ‘900s. The Italian manufacturing confers the final, valued and sophisticated touch. Oasis vanity units offer bespoke colours and finishes that can transform your bathroom game.

Here are  few of our favourites:

  • The Academy Collection – is inspired by the Art Deco period it features  ribbed or diamond-like decorated lacquering across the front of the unit. Lacquered vanity units, gold profiles and precious marble tops and finishes characterise this range. The vanity unit can be complimented with the matching accessories such as elegant ottomans and benches, bronzed and smoked wall mirrors, lights, tall units and towel holders and more.
  • The Riviere collection –  is one of the exquisite ranges that make up the sophisticated and aptly named Oasis Luxury Collection. The vanity units are finished in different materials and finishes which are teamed with a variety of basins, marbles and specialist glass types. The collection is characterised by geometries inspired by Art Déco with crisp balanced lines and drawers featuring a high-impact handle design.
  • The outstanding elegance of the Daphne collection of luxury bathroom furniture finds inspiration in the gracious and essential touch of Art Déco. Its luxurious style is well-represented in its details: drawers feature a cushioned closing system and upon request, they can be fitted with inner dividers lined in burgundy flocked velvet.
WestOneBathrooms Academy MP 8401
WestOneBathrooms daphne oasis D11
West One Bathrooms – Riviere  89X2064

Steel Shower Trays

Steel shower trays offer exceptional customisability, allowing clients to personalize and color match them according to their preferences. Their steel construction ensures remarkable durability, eliminating any concerns of chipping or deterioration. Moreover, these shower trays not only introduce vibrant colors to the interior but also feature a textural surface that adds intriguing warmth and charm. Unlike standard white shower trays, they eliminate the cynical feel  creating a more inviting and warm interior.

WestOneBathrooms 011 KOU LASTRA
WestOneBtrhooms KOU DETAIL


Glass shower panels are an excellent opportunity to infuse the space with uniqueness, colour, and texture, ultimately establishing a cohesive and luxurious interior. It is a minimal way in to make a huge difference to an interior. Here are a few examples of the way we incorporated glass shower panels into our projects.

    • Left Image: Our designer skillfully integrated a colored glass shower panel into the project, distinguishing the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. This addition not only provides privacy but also adds a touch of intrigue, enhancing the overall character of the interior
    • Right Image: In this project, our designer made the choice of a fluted shower panel with e brass detailing, harmonising with the soft brass brassware throughout. The ribbed texture on the glass introduces subtle tactile elements while ensuring privacy and creating a luxurious ambiance within the space.
WestOneBathroom CPG 3
WestOneBathrooms Hooper 19

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