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Coloured Brassware

Brassware Inspiration

It’s going to be colour for the 21st century. Which means more considered – carefully done – and more modern. Here are some of our top picks of coloured brassware.

WestOneBathrooms Zucchetti 2316 Modifica
WestOneBathrooms Zucchetti 2040

There’s something truly magical about a pop of colour in the bathroom. As well as the drawing the viewer in, it freshen things up décor-wise, too. But don’t worry, as a few simple updates needn’t break the bank. With some careful planning and a little imagination, you can transform the look and feel of any room simply by adding some colourful taps.

By adding colourful brassware to your bathroom is a great way to create a unique and stylish space. When choosing colorful brassware, think about coordinating it with other elements in the bathroom like the tile, wallpaper, or accessories. You might choose a brassware that picks up the colours in your wallpaper, for example.


WestOneBAthrooms Origini Moodboard 1
WestOneBathrooms composizione#727#277#299 01 b
WestOneBathrooms Origini Ambiente#708#278#706 close up 02
WestOneBathrooms VOLA RS11W 1 C21 SophiesSoho Bathroom 01 RT
WestOneBathrooms VOLA 590V C25

If you’re just getting started with adding brassware to your bathroom, start with the basics like basin taps, shower heads, and towel rails. Choose pieces in bold, bright colours like turquoise, red, electric blue, or bright pink. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours and finishes of brassware. For example, you might choose a bright yellow faucet and pair it with a rose gold showerhead and towel bar.

Discover other ways of adding colour to the bathroom by reading inspirational blog posts or incorporating concrete basins,  or by using coloured sanitary ware collection by  Primo Lux.





WestOneBathrooms AL Showroom 2021 01 14 Indigo 10
Axor onecollection pink har03999 highres

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