Bathroom storage ideas


Ever feel like bathrooms are just too cramped for storage making them tricky to organise? In this blog you can find storage advice to help keep your bathroom looking tidy and stylish.

devon devon SEASON VANITY 38 square
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Vanity Units

For a space-challenged room, a vanity unit featuring an integrated sink remains a stylish and practical solution. These units come in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to classic and traditional. You often have the option to personalise them by painting to your preferred colour, adding a vibrant touch to the space. Vanity units are great as they do not take away much from the space, yet optimise the function of your basin, elevating the user experience.


DD Zelda twill vanity table


Designers Tip: Customise the colour and finish of the vanity unit to tie in with the rest of your scheme and pair with a large recessed mirror cabinet for additional storage or pendant lights at different heights.

WestOneBathrooms devon devon Zen Vanity table CMYK 300dpi

Wall-hung Wardrobe

Opting for a wall-mounted wardrobe or cabinet in the bathroom is a smart choice, often featuring a pharmaceutical background that complements the bathroom setting. This not only promotes a sense of neatness but also serves as ideal storage for towels, bathroom essentials, and various toiletries.

WestOneBathrooms StratoWardrobe 01
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Optimal storage in a bathroom calls for either half or full-height solutions, though it depends on the size of the bathroom. This approach effectively divides the space, introduces an element of elevation, and imparts a sense of spaciousness to the room. Grate and Bemade wardrobes boast a construction of water-repellent DM, while the doors feature grooved three-layered Oak wood panels with various finish options. To enhance functionality, accessories like hangers, shelves, drawers, interior sockets, and interior LED lighting are customisable additions.


West One Bathrooms Grate 04 A Wardrobe
antoniolupi BEMADE GUARDAROBA   009 (open)

Wall-Hung Cabinet 

With both the bath and sink and other sanitary ware already extending from the same wall, the cabinet it doesn’t give the impression of occupying additional space in the bathroom; instead, it cleverly offers a home for concealed items. The Sophia Storage Unit boasts a chic and refined appearance, coming in various natural stone finishes. From elegant stone textures to striking coloured marbles, the Sophia storage unit allows for a customised and sophisticated look.

IlGranito cabinet 1
IlGranito cabinet 2
IlGranito cabinet 3
IlGranito cabinet 5
Cotchford Farm 17
West One Bathrooms Marcel Mirror 02

Mirrored Cabinet

There’s a large variety of mirrors with integrated storage or shelving. We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of bathroom accessories available in many different finishes and styles. Mirrored cabinets console storage, therefore minimise the untidy bathroom look.

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