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Small Bathroom Ideas

Designing a Small Bathroom can be difficult. You want it functional, yet to have a sense of style. Therefore being clever about product placements is the most important design aspect. Follow these tips to ensure to ideal utilization of your space.

Utilize Internal Walls

Use as much of the internal wall space in stud walls as possible for alcoves to create extra storage. Likewise, you can lose half a concealed cistern into the wall. This will help with the length of a wall mounted WC. Additionally, a recessed mirror cabinet also creates some much needed space in a small bathroom. Moreover, you can recess a towel rail into a stud wall too!

Opt For Smaller Baths

Smaller baths don’t always mean cramped bathing. Therefore we recommend a “try before you buy” through our showroom displays.  You would be surprised by the varying length of baths. A small bath can still be very roomy.

Opt For A Shower

If you don’t need a bath, then walk-in shower is a good alternative.  A shower with clear glass creates the illusion of open space.  Additionally, go for wet floor areas instead of trays. This gives a seamless look, making the room look bigger!

Lighting and Mirrors

Be clever about the lighting and mirrors you purchase, plus their placement! Intelligent placement will give you the illusion of  more space.

Basins with Storage

If you have the length but not the width, chose a basin storage underneath. There are many basins with storage under that are longer yet shorter in depth. As a result, your choices are endless. Additionally, purchase a basin unit where you can place the tap on one side rather than behind.

Opt For Larger Tiles

Instead of choosing a small and tight mosaic, chose larger format tiles. This will help make the room feel bigger. Finally, only tile the wet areas such as the back-splash. This will allow you to gain precious few centimeters where there are no tiles.

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