North London Family Bathroom

East Finchley, London

We undertook the renovation of three bathrooms in this North London property. Our clients approached designer, Kirsten Wain with some ideas already in mind. All three rooms were to be different and they wanted us to incorporate some ideas they had seen and liked on social media.

The Family Bathroom initially had a bland layout with product dotted around the walls and the WC became an unnecessary focal point. A simple alteration to the shower wall configuration meant we could disguise this and make the room less linear and narrow. Our client had seen images with combinations of brass, black Crittall and navy which she wanted to incorporate for this room.


W1  Ave 15
W1 Ave 19
W1 Ave 24
W1 Ave 27

The brushed gold fittings against the navy really look striking and add an element of warmth to a room with limited sunlight.

W1Ave 16

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