RP Compact WC

With a projection of just 490mm, the RP Compact toilet is the perfect solution for small bathrooms and guest WCs. Like all TOTO toilets, the RP toilet does not have a rim, which means that there are no hard-to-reach places for dirt or waste to accumulate – making every inch of the toilet bowl quick and easy to clean. The special CEFIONTECT glaze gives the ceramic such a smooth, finely structured surface that dirt, mould and bacteria have no chance of sticking. Finally, TORNADO FLUSH ensures that the inside of the toilet bowl is always cleaned thoroughly: The water is propelled into the bowl, creating a powerful whirlpool that effectively cleans the entire bowl.

  • The flush uses little water (4.5 litres
  • TOTO also managed to make its already quiet Tornado Flush even quieter, with a noise level below 64.8 dB


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