The Kora has been designed by Enzo Berti and is an elegant ellipsoidal marble bath, that gives uniformity and elegance to the bathroom. It is characterized by an elliptical shape which evokes the ancient Tibetan bells as well as a traditional musical instrument of West Africa.

  • The bath rests on an iron tripod which gives stability and elegance while being suspending


Bath structure available in a range of RAL colours or bronze finish. Also available in a variety of marble finishes, bespoke on request.

  • West One Bathrooms KORA bathtub, Gong Sinks, Texo Texture 2
  • West One Bathrooms KORA Bathtub  Bianco Estremoz 4
  • West One Bathrooms Kora Kreoo 3
  • West One Bathrooms KORA Bathtub  Kreoo Bianco Estremoz 3

Detailed information


  • Natural stone

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