Calyx Deep Soaking Tub

Inspired by classic Japanese soaking tubs, the minimalist Calyx deep soaking bath is a luxurious piece that promotes wellbeing with a large internal bowl size.The Calyx works well in compact bathrooms as it requires much less water to fill than a conventionally shaped bath and it takes up significantly less floor space.

  • May be fitted with panels or used free-standing
  • Can be sunk into the floor or into a raised deck and is suitable for use with a bath-screen or shower screen
  • Made of FICORE, a material that comprises multiple components that are fused together during the manufacturing process to become a homogeneous single material
  • Comfortably sit in a relaxed posture


You can specify the Calyx in any colour. Colour combinations are also possible. The bath may also be supplied in a non-standard matt finish, or primed in readiness for a specialist paint finish.

Detailed information


  • White

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