A basin truly like no other. Flow is a standalone sink characterised by its unique profile, featuring edges that form a distinctive, unconventional outline. Like a torn piece of paper, the perimeter is composed of a broken line, creating a jagged and delicately thin border unlike anything seen before.

The idea originates from observing a specific processing feature of the water jet machine. This machine has a tendency to naturally produce uneven, flowing patterns on marble surfaces, which can beautifully mimic the textured appearance of a pleated fabric. The rough edges add dynamic to the sink and contrast against the perfectly smooth surface of the cylindrical column on which the basin rests.

  • The base of the basin is illuminated.

  • WestOneBathrooms antoniolupi FLOW 003
  • WestOneBathrooms antoniolupi FLOW 001
  • WestOneBathrooms antoniolupi FLOW 002

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