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Waterproof Wallpaper

There are wild waterproof wallpaper designs available if you want them, but creating a bathroom with personality doesn’t mean clashing colours or doing a complete refurbishment. Our WET SYSTEM Waterproof wallpaper by Wall&Deco can be installed absolutely anywhere in the bathroom, directly in the shower, in a steam room or behind the bath, on the floor or the ceiling. It is a fully waterproof membrane meaning it does not get damaged when in direct contact with water as opposed to a normal wallpaper which will not suffice for the humidity you get from bathrooms. Because you can install it directly in the shower, it is the perfect option for making a statement –  plus no grout lines and it is resistant to abrasive cleaning products, so easy to wipe clean!

The wallpaper can be applied onto existing wall murals, so no need to remove existing paint, wallpaper or tiles – this can go straight over it. When ordering the wallpaper you get all the relevant glues and sealants to prep the wall – the wallpaper needs to be treated 3 times (primer, adhesive and then the protective finish)

“Less is more – take one or two trends and work with those,” says Louise Ashdown, manager and Head of Design at West One Bathrooms in Tunbridge Wells. As exclusive distributors in the UK, explore our huge range of waterproof wallpaper patterns from Wall&Deco.

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