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Using Waterproof Wallpaper in Bathroom

All you need to know

If you’re looking for unique waterproof wallpaper designs, there are plenty available, but creating a bathroom with character doesn’t necessarily require bold colors or a full renovation. With our WET SYSTEM Waterproof wallpaper by Wall&Deco, you can safely install wallpaper in your bathroom, even directly in the shower or behind the bath and basin. It’s an excellent choice for making a statement and adding personality to your space!

How does it work?

Designer Kirsten Wain discusses how to incorporate our Wall&Deco wallpaper into your bathroom.

Thanks to our fully waterproof wallpaper, colour and pattern can be incorporated into the bathroom without worry about humidity and water damage! Our Wall&Deco wallpaper is a fully waterproof membrane meaning it doesn’t get damaged when in direct contact with water as opposed to a normal wallpaper which will not suffice for the humidity you get from bathrooms. Because you can install it directly in the shower, it is the perfect option for making a statement – plus no grout lines and it is resistant to abrasive cleaning products, so easy to wipe clean.

W1 mystical dream wet system

How to Install:

The wallpaper can be applied onto existing wall murals, so no need to remove existing paint, wallpaper or tiles – this can go straight over it. When ordering the wallpaper you get all the relevant glues and sealants to prep the wall – the wallpaper needs to be treated 3 times (primer, adhesive and then the protective finish)

Each print is rendered to the size of the room  and moved about to suit the wall you have so the ‘interesting’ parts of the design aren’t lost where your window or door would be, for example.

Some examples showcasing our Waterproof Wallpaper:

Mayfair 102
Mayfair 8
W1WaterproofWallpaper 3

A summary of the features of WET SYSTEM:

  • Semi-gloss texture surface
  • Resistant against the aggression of household detergents, yellowing and abrasion
  • Can be applied directly onto cement, plasterboard, concrete, glass and ceramic tiles
  • Fast to install on existing mural surfaces and limited building waste materials
  • Thickness of just 1,5mm
  • Patented technical wall covering

As exclusive distributors in the UK, explore our huge range of waterproof wallpaper patterns from Wall&Deco.

Take a look at Wall&Deco’s new collection 

w1 ld 1 2143×3000

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