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Luxury Showers – Sunshower


The Sunshower is a new concept which incorporates the benefits of sunlight during showering. 

What is Sunshower?

Sunshower seamlessly merges sunbathing with showering, harnessing the power of UV and infrared waves. As showering evolves into a holistic well-being ritual, Sunshower emerges as the quintessential instrument for wellness in the shower. Recognizing the growing awareness of the positive impacts of safe sunlight, it embodies the ideal balance of the rejuvenating elements.

What does it do?

Sunlight nourishes and cares for your body in two different ways: with low-dose UV light and powerful infrared. The infrared of Sunshower® consists of two wavelengths: the short wave (IRA) and the medium wave (IRB). IRA penetrates deep into your body and causes your body to warm up. It is safe and nourishing, without additional risk of skin damage. Thanks to a carefully balanced combination of warming infrared light and low-dose UV light is now possible all year round!

Exposing yourself to Sunshower’s low dose of ultraviolet light  enables you to maintain a healthy vitamin D level, even during the winter months.

About the Infared Wavelengths:

It emits 80% UVB light and 20% UVA light. UVB light plays a major role in the production of vitamin D in the skin. UVA penetrates deeper into the skin and converts the pigment. It improves your blood circulation so that waste products are removed more easily. In this way it ensures that both muscle tension and joint pain decreases. IRB is almost completely absorbed by the upper layers of your skin, creating a warm feeling. 

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Benefits of Sunshower:

  • Sunlight has a positive effect on your well-being, your energy level and your sleep-wake rhythm. The result: you feel fitter and wake up better rested.
  • The heat of infrared light has a relaxing effect. It also improves the blood circulation, which accelerates the removal of waste products. This helps your sore muscles to recover faster.
  • UV light stimulates the natural production of vitamin D. This makes your immune system more efficient and boosts your mental health. Making you feel fitter and better about yourself.

Is it energy efficient?

At current prices a Sunshower session costs around £10 per year in energy. Did you know that the average consumption of a Sunshower is the same as that of an electric kettle?

Available to view and experience at our Chelsea & Battersea Showrooms.


West One Bathrooms – Sunshower

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