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Terracotta Tiles in the Bathroom

Tile Inspiration

Terracotta tiles can evoke a traditional Mediterranean villa feel in your bathroom. Their warm and textured look can effortlessly impart a luxurious country farmhouse charm to your ensuite, cloakroom, or shower.  Reclaimed terracotta is becoming increasingly popular amongst designers as they start to integrate it into their bathroom and kitchen designs. Terracotta tiles come in many different shades, work well with underfloor heating as well as blend with materials such as wood, linen and plaster seamlessly.

Timeworn look

Terracotta tiles have that timeworn look that is hard to replicate. They give a feel of “been there for a long time” and provide a homely sense of comfort a warmth to the space. The tiles on the images below boast original terracotta floor tiles, which contrast beautifully with the room’s simple whitewashed walls, green and maroon porcelain tile panelling and a traditional fittings.

Chelsea 40
Chelsea 39
Chelsea 44

Long Life Cycle

The benefits of using reclaimed terracotta are its long life cycle and low environmental impact. Using reclaimed terracotta is an eco-friendly option as it repurposes existing materials and reduces the demand for new resources, therefore reducing the carbon emissions and contributing to a better ecosystem. In addition, terracotta tiles are highly durable and can withstand moisture and heavy foot traffic. Reclaimed tiles have already stood the test of time, making them an even more reliable choice. As mentioned earlier, terracotta tiles come in various sizes, shapes, and hues, making them a versatile choice for a range of bathroom design styles, from rustic to modern.

Low Maintenance

Terracotta tiles are low maintenance. To keep the colour light a stone sealer can be used as terracotta is a porous material. Otherwise boiled linseed oil and protective waxes can also be used to protect them from stains and help that patina develop.

Visual Interest

The image on the left portrays a brick stacked vertical and herringbone layout with thin coloured rectangles. The floor pattern continues going up mid wall to elongate the visual interest and make more of a statement. A lack of uniformity of colour is another reason why terracotta tiles are so popular.

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