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How to check bathroom manufacturers eco-credentials

Expert Advice

Our designer from Clerkenwell, Alberto Lutzu has offered his advice on how to check a manufacturers sustainability credentials


Consider what the product is made of. Modern luxury needs sustainable thinking and action.

It really cements the importance of ‘buy well, buy once’ which puts the emphasis even more on taking the best kind of advice in the first place, so nothing gets specified wrong, then ripped out and wasted down the line! 

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How is the product made? What is the associated energy use and what chemicals are used in the process? Is there waste material and how is it disposed on?

It is important to be aware of where the product comes from. If it is manufactured locally, the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of transporting it will be much lower than to it being shipped from overseas.


Can the product be recycled at the end of its lifecycle? A long product life combined with recyclability is the premier class, because then a product delighted an owner for decades before it starts its journey again as a raw or valuable material and it is born again without any reduction in quality

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Will this product stand the test of time? For example, terracotta tile is know for its durability. For example, the benefits of using reclaimed terracotta are its long life cycle and low environmental impact. Using reclaimed terracotta is an eco-friendly option as it repurposes existing materials and reduces the demand for new resources, therefore reducing the carbon emissions and contributing to a better ecosystem.

Read more about terracotta in bathroom here.

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Where was the product manufactured and how far has it travelled? Using the products that are made locally is far more sustainable than shipping them from other parts of the world. Consider exploring local options first and researching about the brand more before you purchase the product.

Transportation contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, so products that have traveled long distances may have a larger carbon footprint compared to locally produced goods. Understanding this can help you make more environmentally conscious choices.

Knowing where a product was manufactured can also provide insights into labor practices and working conditions. Some regions have better labor protections and workers’ rights than others. Supporting products made in areas with fair labor practices can align with ethical values

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How eco friendly is the manufacturer? Look at the eco-credentials and certifications and ask about recycling packaging. Evaluating the eco-credentials of brands is an important aspect of making environmentally conscious consumer choices. Consider reaching out to brands directly with specific questions about their sustainability efforts if you need more information. Additionally, supporting brands that align with your values and priorities is a powerful way to encourage positive change in the industry.

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