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How smart is your bathroom?

From the Bluetooth streaming shower head, Moxie by Kohler to the innovative Flotation Tub by TOTO we are able to offer the very latest bathroom technologies and experiences available.

The growing trend for spa-like relaxation facilities at home is something we picked up and have since introduced two dedicated spa experience areas into our flagship showroom in Battersea. One room is dedicated to the SSPS concept by Dornbracht and Sieger Design; as more and more people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space and rising apartment prices. But at the same time, there’s increasing demand for enhanced quality of life. The “Small Size Premium Spa”, SSPS®, fulfils all the standards of a luxury spa in a compact area of approx. 6m2. The room features the effegibi steam bath, along with the Sensory Shower head and horizontal shower by Dornbracht. The room retails from £50,000 including installation.

The second spa room we are yet to launch is home to The Flotation Tub by TOTO which is the first working model to be installed in Europe. The tub offers the posture of an astronaut floating in space, which they call Zero-dimension bathing. It releases stress on joints and encourages relaxation. The tub also incorporates LED lighting and electronic controls to operate the neck bath and the air-jet system. In the same room is the revolutionary Aquamoon shower by Dornbracht which offers a multi-sensory water experience. It combines water, light and energy  – offering a new dimension in showering. The dome in the ceiling forms the central element which delivers relaxing sprays from the Tempest and aqua-circle, to the Queen’s collar semi-circular cascade of water which is reminiscent of a waterfall evoking a natural experience. These can be controlled by either manual or electronic controls. For an enhanced experience of relaxation, the shower can be combined with aromatherapy.

For those with a lesser budget but still want the benefits of digital precision, we offer the wonderfully clever yet beautifully simply Crosswater Digital shower collection. This overs complete control over water flow and temperature. Turn on the water by gently turning on the control, the colour changing controls indicate when the temperate is just right and ready to shower. Prices start from just £599 for the latest MPRO model.

Televisions in the bathroom that are disguised as mirrors we find are widely popular with our clients as these allow visual and audio integration into the bathroom. The Tv’s link across all media platforms and streaming, the screens can be programmed to look like works of art for seamless integration.

Another product introduced into bathroom technology is the Sunshower. This emits UVB light and a little bit of UVA and stimulates the production of Vitamin D. The dose of UB-light emitted is so low that it provides the health benefits of sunlight without damaging the skin, a daily dose of 10 minutes is enough to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D.

Intelligent toilets are most probably the most widely appreciated and now accepted form of technology in the bathroom due to the hygiene and comfort benefits as well as the technologies are now becoming more affordable, with models at entry level pricing of around £1,000.

Details: West One Bathrooms are Europe’s leading retailer for bespoke luxury bathrooms with 10 showrooms in London and the South East of England. With access to over 750 global suppliers and an award-winning design team, our experience and knowledge in the industry allows for us to create tailored bathroom solutions to all clients and budgets.

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