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Indulging In A Steam Shower

The benefits of a steam shower start deep within the body.

The body has 2 ways of removing toxins: through the kidneys and through the largest organ: the skin. Through the span of 5 to 20 minutes in a steam bath, the skin starts sweating out all of the body’s toxins. As a result, it will leave you looking and most importantly, feeling healthier.

Preparing For the Steam Shower

In the shower, you’ll be doing a lot of sweating in a short space of time. As a result, this can cause dehydration. Therefore drinking a couple of glasses of water before your shower is required to ensure you don’t get dehydrated. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water with you to drink during your steam.

Additionally, it is recommended to eat a light snack, however avoid a large meal. This is due to the body possibly ending up bloated and developing digestion issues. Therefore a meal less an hour before the shower is ideal.

Next, it is recommended to wash your body vigorously. Dirt on your body can block your pores and you could develop acne or spots. Therefore blocked pores will impede your body from efficiently secreting toxins. By sloughing of dirt and dead skin from the body, the skin therefore has a larger canvas to work its magic. However do not have a normal shower/bath with the temperature too hot. You do not want to start the sweating process to early.

Finally, do some light stretches. Stretching will loosen your limb and help your body release some of the toxins from your pores. It will also increase circulation which will help toxins leave your skin faster through sweat.

Utilizing Aromatherapy

The use of Essentials oils can benefit not just the mind but also the body during your steam shower. Essential oils are absorbed through bloodstream and metabolized in the body, resulting in many health benefits. Aromatherapy can be incorporated into a steam shower in a number of ways. Some steam heads have an oil well where you can manually add drops of essential oil whereas other models disperse the essential oils automatically from larger canisters. Place the oil in its appropriate place before starting the steam shower.

To reap the many benefits, choose a complimentary essential oil to address your specific issue. Such essential oils can be:

Eucalyptus, which is antibacterial and treats congestion due to illness or allergies
Lavender, which is calming; relieves anxiety and depression and also improves sleep
Lemon, which is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Additionally citrus boosts energy and improves concentration
Tea tree, which is well known for treating skin conditions such as acne
Ylang-ylang, which relieves muscle tension as well as insomnia

Enjoying The Steam Shower

Wear a light cotton towel. For your shower to be most effective, the more exposed your skin is to the steam, the easier it will be for your body to sweat out the toxins. Remove all of your jewellery as well.

To maximize the relaxation benefit, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale, holding your breath deep within your lungs for a few seconds. Allow your mind to wander during this period as it is a great way to start the de-stressing process. As your body relaxes during meditation, wake your mind up and enjoy a drink of water. This will help regulate your body temperature whilst staving off dehydration.

Stay in the steam room for 5 to 20 minutes. If after 5 minutes you’ve had enough and you want to leave the steam room, then do so. However, be mindful of a 20 minute time limit. Going over the limit can pose a risk of overheating. If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous, or uncomfortable at any time, leave right away and find a cool place.

Cool Down & Recovery

Cool down slowly with water and air. If you have the urge to find the coldest place possible you must resist.. You could start shivering or worse, put your body in shock. Instead, find a cool place and let your body regulate its temperature naturally.

Drink more water to restore the any moisture you may have lost in the steam shower.

Take another shower. The shower should restore your body to its natural temperature. However, just as before, do not start off with a cold shower as this could pose a risk of shock. Start out with a warm shower and gradually reduce the temperature until it’s nice and cold.

After the shower, relax for a few more minutes. It’s important that you take some time afterwards to truly enjoy the benefits of a calming steam shower. As with the cool down, to reap the benefits, you should gradually work your way back to normalcy. Therefore indulging in the last few minute of relaxation is imperative to truly de-stressing.

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