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Get To Know The Designer – Laura Northeast

How long have you been with West One Bathrooms? 

 I have been at West One Bathrooms for 15 Years.

Could you tell us something about your favourite design you have done?

 My favourite design was a large modern Welsh house in the countryside (see the project here). It had a master bedroom with a large en-suite integrated into the bedroom. We used the round Dune bath (almost 2m round) which was placed to take in the views of the rolling countryside. It contained the  freestanding bath with a shower mixer, separate freestanding double Mr Splash basins, wall mounted taps with walk in double entrance shower. The black and white colour scheme created the statement look the client wanted to achieve along with a contemporary feel.

What do you love most about being a designer? 

Interacting with clients, bouncing ideas around and introducing new concepts to customers who otherwise had not thought outside the box.

Could you describe us what your favourite bathroom would look like? 

It would definitely have a contemporary feel with a wall-mounted double vanity unit with integrated basins in a Solid Surface so it adds warmth to the room with its matt, warm-to-touch finish. I would use integrated mirror cabinets, wall mounted taps, a large freestanding bath and a large walk in shower. For the shower I would use an overhead waterfall shower and a hand shower with riser rail (practical)! Lots of Storage is a must. A chair or stool to sit down, would be a luxury element. When it comes to tiling, I’d opt for large format floor tiles with underfloor heating so it feels nice underfoot. Throughout the room, I would keep the tiling choice minimal and have a feature wall of our waterproof wallpaper to introduce a pop of colour which I’d then pull though into the vanity unit/taps and accessories. 

What key advise would you give your customer before starting the project?

Budget, think realistically and shop realistically. Think about who uses the bathroom and what you would need to make it practical for everyday use yet stylish. Think about buying for quality and longevity, you don’t re-do a bathroom every  year so you want it to last and be timeless.

Finally, what are your top 5 picks for must have products?

  • A wall-mounted Vanity unit for storage, the illusion of a larger space and ease of cleaning underneath
  • Storage – tall storage, wall storage, vanity storage, shelves or baskets. You can never have too much storage
  • A comfortable bath, all shapes and sizes/freestanding or built in
  • A waterfall shower to relieve those stressful days
  • Good lighting. Whether it be ceiling lighting, mirror lighting, alcoves with lights, low lighting and floor lighting

Get To Know The Designer series features our designer: Laura Northeast. Laura works out of our Oxshott showroom.

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