Geometric’s: A Timeless Trend

Pattern inspiration

Add a bold statement wall with Geometric tiles, the powerful pattern with lots of personality.


Geometric’s are often associated with hard faceted edges and bold bright patterns. However, they don’t solely present themselves through bold prints. It is a trend is easily recognizable throughout history. Ancient Greeks used bold geometric patterns as part of their interior and architectural design. Geometric pattern in bathroom  can create shade and light as they play with eye and refract light at different angles. Most commonly in interiors, geometric patterns are across the floor. They are also useful in creating a feature wall. As a result, this draws the focus of the eye to a specific part of the room. However, for a subtle affect, you can use one solid colour and let the pattern do the talking.

The beauty of geometric design is that it is suitable for all clients and bathrooms. Choose to go bold and combine the geometric print with striking contrasting colours . This will achieve a real wow factor. You don’t need much of this trend to make a big statement. Opting to wallpaper a small wall in a bathroom will add dimension to any design without it being overwhelming. They are quick and easy to install. Additionally, they are also suitable for use within the shower for a truly unique look.

The image on the right portrays – Wall&Decò Wet System 16 – Batik waterproof wallpaper, specific for damp environments such as Bathrooms, kitchens, fitness and wellness centres and  spa’s.

west one bathrooms batik

Examples from our projects:

WestOneBathrooms field 28 2000×3000 2
WetsOneBathrooms shower room 11
Profile by Ann Sacks via West One Bathrooms

We offer a wide selection of Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass and Natural Stone coverings for wall and floor applications. The images contained in this section merely offer an indication of the different atmospheres achievable using various products and materials. Most ranges are offered in a wide variety of texture, colour and sizing options.

The beauty of geometric tiles is that they are suitable for all clients and most importantly all bathrooms. You can choose to go bold and combine the geometric print with striking contrasting colours to achieve a real wow factor. You can pair it back and use one solid colour and let the pattern do the talking to achieve a subtle affect.

We most commonly use a geometric pattern all over the floor or on a feature wall to focus the eye and draw attention to a specific part of the room.

See our showroom in Chelsea Design Centre for the ultimate Ann Sacks tile inspiration.

WestOneBathrooms NewRavenna AbaloneMOP
WestOneBathtooms Geometrictiles
WestOneBathrooms Bathroom 2550×3300 correction 03
WestOneBathrooms New Terracotta DWT MST 03 METALLIC
WestOneBathrooms Liaison Install Hero2
WestOneBathrooms custom resized 14eb7707 34fd 4a65 8ecf 597d9a4bb0be 1280x


Moroccan Impressions Porcelain Vintage Square

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