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Choose Functionality

The key to any family bathroom is functionality. Over-filling a room is a common mistake, particularly when there is little thought made towards storage. It is easy to fit a double-basins and large freestanding baths whilst neglecting floor space. This in turn makes the bathroom appear small, cluttered and above all, fussy. The family bathroom is often used by everyone, therefore its design and functionality is integral. Important elements should include: a decent towel rail (to hold multiple towels) plenty of storage, a large bath and/or a shower if space allows. There ought to be a fine balance to ensure the proportions are correct for the space.

Practical Can Be Aesthetically Pleasing

It’s all in the details. There are so many products on the market now that are stylish yet practical. Lighting is a fantastic way to create a relaxing ambiance. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into the bathroom, such as Villeroy & Boch’s new collection, Finion. Additionally, you can opt for the use of statement tiles or apply waterproof wallpaper behind a bath or in the shower. This creates a fun and stylish environment.

Utilize Technology For Efficiency

Technology now offers the option to fill your bath from your bed side or turn on the underfloor heating via your smart phone. Therefore incorporating technology into the bathroom has many benefits. We have intelligent toilets with a wash functionality, built in radio and also user settings. Additionally there are also digital controls that can alter your shower temperature, which in turn regulates the body temperature.

Utilize Storage

Keeping your bathroom free from clutter will make it feel spacious and relaxing. Therefore storage is absolutely key within any family bathroom; you can never have too much! Choose bathroom furniture with built-in storage such as a vanity unit instead of a pedestal basin. Additionally, you can choose a mirrored wall cabinet, and set mirrors and cabinets at a height that works for all. This allows for children to access their own toiletries and accessories. However, it is still important to keep cleaning products and medicines out of reach of children.

Choosing the Correct Surfaces

Solid surfaces and Corian are popular options as they are practical and durable. Additionally, they easy to wipe clean and can be easily repaired if damaged. Our waterproof wallpaper is a great solution for incorporating colour and pattern into the bathroom. It can be applied directly to existing murals meaning there is minimal mess involved. With plenty of patterns to choose from, they make the perfect pop of fun into any family bathroom. Plus, as there are no grout lines, all you need to do is wipe clean!

A Child Friendly Environment

To ensure you have a child friendly environment, you need to allow for some space. Do not pack the room with unnecessary extras. Introduce round and organic shapes as opposed to hard corners. Also you should ensure the drawers, doors and WC seats are soft closing to protect delicate (children’s) hands. Mirrors and mirror cabinets are easier than ever to operate with small contact-free sensor points that replace light switches and thus increases the comfort of all bathroom users. This includes the sockets next to the shelves inside the cabinets used, for example, to plug in a hairdryer. Choose easy-to-operate taps and shower controls as well as push button flush plates for the WC for children. Hand-held showers in shower enclosures or on bath mixers are great for washing children’s hair. Plus they are also handy when you are cleaning the bath or enclosure.

The Family Shower

If you’ve got space for a separate shower enclosure, go for a walk in shower or one with a sliding door. This saves floor space and therefore make it easier for you to help kids when they’re showering. Whether you have an over the bath shower or an enclosure, opt for thermostatic or digital shower valves. This allows you to set the temperature and thus reducing the risk of scalding.

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