Ideas for bathrooms in a bedroom


Integrating a bathroom within the bedroom area offers an excellent opportunity to infuse character and distinction into the space. Open-plan bedroom bathrooms have become a prominent and enduring trend.

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Place a bath into the bedroom:

Placing the bath within the bedroom lends a touch of elegance reminiscent of a luxury hotel, establishing a distinct focal point. It elevates the overall experience and imparts a sense of indulgence, particularly when accompanied by a beautiful view. This design, on the left, encourages relaxation and allows for moments of unwinding and rejuvenation. A partition of glass panels divides the bedroom wall, ensuring a measure of privacy while allowing the gentle flow of natural light to highlight a dedicated bathing area. Both designs showcase a harmonious blend of soft, understated hues, evoking a serene and opulent ambiance.

A good solution is to go for a tiled area to avoid 
the area around the bath getting too wet,

says Louise Ashdown, our head of design.

Divide the bathroom with flooring:

The below ensuite bathroom features a soft palette with pink natural stone mosaic flooring, separated by a lip to signify the change in wet area from dry area. This small bathroom is divided by frosted glass panels and two sets of sliding pocket doors separate the different spaces in a tidy way, without having doors swinging open and encroaching into this compact area. This way the natural light from the bedroom will penetrate through the glass and light up the enclosure.

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  1. Walk-In shower
  2. Wall-hung Basin
  3. WC
  4. Bedroom

Add steps leading into the bathroom:

The bathroom is accessed from the main bedroom via a few steps. Honed marble hexagon tiles from Ca’Pietra adorn the floor and the Victoria + Albert Amiata freestanding bath with its organic curves and elegant proportions sits in front of the sash window for an elegant impact and view from the bedroom.

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