At home spa: Factors to consider before installing a steam generator

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If you dream of creating a rejuvenating spa experience within the comfort of your own home, a steam shower is the perfect addition to your bathroom sanctuary. However, before you rush into purchasing one, our knowledgeable in-house designer Joel has shared a few insights on the factors you should consider. With his advice, you can make sure your at-home spa truly meets your desires and needs.

Many of our wellness collections offer both a standard and customisable solution, we have provided just a glimpse into the possibilities of what can be recreated in the home.

Things to consider before getting a steam generator:

  • Mind the Ceiling Height: Keep it under 2.2mm. If your ceiling is higher, you’ll need a dropped ceiling above the shower area.
  • Think about the Drips: Make sure to tank the ceiling, just like you do with walls and floors. Oh, and don’t forget to slant it, that way, the condensation won’t drip over the head —it’ll slide away to the side and down the wall.
  • Seal it: To lock in all the steam, a floor-to-ceiling glass door is a must.
  • Materials: Think about the material you would like to incorporate within the interior. Consider mosaic or small tile formats tiles on the ceiling or clad in a steam proof board. If using natural stone think about the upkeep but also being porous the steam output needs to be higher. 
  • Safety First: Make sure your chosen tiles have a slip-resistant surface. Look for an R rating of R9 and higher.
  • Metallic Finishes: As it would be a highly humid area, give some thought to the brassware finish and door trim you would want to have to make sure its steam proof and won’t tarnish overtime, unless that is the look you are going for.
  • Steam Outlet: The outlet placement where the steam will be coming from. Most generators will say the correct positioning of the outlet but don’t put it under the seat! Think about the back of your legs as this will easily scold you.
west one bathrooms effegibi square touch and steam wellness lifestyle
West One Bathrooms – Inside + Inside camouflage
  • Extraction Matters: While you don’t necessarily need an extractor inside the enclosure, it’s great for speeding up steam dissipation. However, pay attention to the rest of the room! Ensure efficient steam extraction in the surrounding area, as some home smoke detectors tend to go off with even dishwasher steam. So note the location!
  • Door placement: When it comes to steam enclosures, door placement is super important. Make sure there’s enough space for an outward-opening door. Safety first! In case you ever feel faint, having the right access is essential.
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west one bathrooms bespoke square steam 01 2000×1334

 Steam Shower Benefits:

Steam showers offer various benefits for both physical and mental well-being:

  • Steam showers provide a range of advantages, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. The warmth of steam can effectively soothe tired muscles as it penetrates deep into the body, offering relief from aches and pains. As steam surrounds you, it gently opens up the pores of your skin, promoting a healthy glow and leaving it feeling noticeably softer and more supple.
  • One of the notable benefits of steam showers is their ability to assist in the removal of impurities from your body. As you perspire during a steam bath, toxins and impurities are expelled through the skin, helping to cleanse your system. This process not only promotes healthier skin but also aids in the overall detoxification of the body.
  • The warm moist air can contribute to improved breathing, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues as it creates a soothing environment helping to alleviate congestion and promote easier breathing.
west one bathrooms topkapi square carrara inside 2363×3000
west one bathrooms inside camouflage 2

From indoor and outdoor spa facilities, to bespoke saunas, steam-rooms and whirlpool baths, our collection offers solutions to suit any space, ensuring longevity and the highest standard of quality. Here are is a small selection of the steam generators and enclosures that we offer. Explore more here.


Touch&Steam is a stylish, lightweight professional-standard steam generator that can be fitted to any shower or Hammam environment. Touch&Steam is a sheet of glass with a clean and fascinating design: state-of-the-art steam generating technology that is housed behind this stylish compact design. The panel of silk screen printed toughened glass has a visible thickness of 37mm. Install-able in any shower or Turkish bath, and for that reason, is a unique and surprising mix of design and performance. As a result, it is therefore a whole new way of enjoying your own Hammam.


Small Size Premium Spa by Sieger Design

The architectural concept Small Size Premium Spa by Sieger Design combines functionality and all the elements of a luxury spa in an compact area of approx.6sqm. In Michale Sieger’s concept, he turned his attention to the modern premium bathroom and the way it reflects societal trends. More and more people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space. At the same time, there’s increasing demand for enhanched quality of life.


Inside is a steam generator which incorporates the very best in technology, functionality and aesthetics. The Glass version, with its white glass panel, is stylish and discreet, with colours and graphics that can be personalised with silk-screen printing. In the Camouflage version, the front panel can be clad in the same finish as the interior, so the steam generator becomes almost invisible and the design crisp and sleek.


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