Divina Outdoor

The Divina Outdoor Spa collection is distinguished by clear-cut lines with a focus on ergonomics, to ensure relaxing use in total safety and peace of mind. A myriad of adjustable jets have been designed to create a soft massage for the lumbar, back, gluteal, thigh, calf and feet zones of your body.

Textured, eco-friendly surfaces resistant to weathering, guarantee both hygiene and long-lasting performance. The reliable, cutting-edge technology, which is both hidden and silent, is always ready to offer you complete relaxation, all entirely Made in Italy. Innovative Ozone+UV+C technology instantly treats 99.9% of water-based pathogenic agents and significantly reduces the use of chemical sanitising agents.

The Divina Outdoor bath is available in multiple sizes, suitable from 2 to 6 people. The Diviva XXL (suitable for 6 people) has two internal levels, two chaise longue seats and four comfortable opposite-facing seats. Each position is equipped with different Whirlpool hydromassage types, allowing a variety of hydrotherapy treatments for guaranteed Wellness at the highest level.

  • 36 Jets
  • Integrated audio system + Bluetooth
  • Cromolight
  • NaturalAir, water air system
  • Made in Italy
  • Available in multiple finishes


Natural Touch panels have a textured surface resistant to weathering, featured in
a relief design with either a wood or spot colour soft-touch effect. Available in Oak Alpine, Oak Concrete and Oxid Quarz.

The slatted, wood effect panels are made of bamboo fibres and 100% recycled materials. Available in Ghiaccio and Wengé.

Fiber-Cross panels are characterised by a tactile, natural textile weave effect, are
resistant to outdoor use and fast drying. Available in Warm brown, Steel and Light grey.

Available Sizes

The DIVINA M SPA fits 2 people, DIVINA L SPA fits 3 people, DIVINA XL SPA fits 4 people and the DIVINA XXL SPA fits 6 people.

  • West One Bathrooms Divina L spa
  • West One Bathrooms Divina XXL spa
  • West One Bathrooms DIVINA OUTDOOR incasso 2001 copia
  • West One Bathrooms Divina XL spa
  • West One Bathrooms Divina marmo perla bianco spli
  • West One Bathrooms Funzionamento UK

Detailed information

DIVINA M SPA1900mm1400mm750mm
DIVINA L SPA1850mm1600mm850mm
DIVINA XL SPA2000mm2000mm850mm
DIVINA XXL SPA2300mm2150mm850mm

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